Top reasons to study engineering

Engineering has become a trendsetter in the present times. Young engineers consider themselves as a pride for their profession and career they build with it. More and more graduates prosper in the society with lots of dreams and aspirations of their own. Here are some reasons that would prove right to take up engineering as a graduation.


  • Money

Money is always the top factor to study anything. It is a proved fact that engineers are among the top paid professionals in the worldwide market today. It is well known that, if you want to get a good pay, engineering is one of the best way to achieve it. Since money plays a major role in one’s life, especially in economic and financial aspects, it should be taken into consideration.

  • Pride

Profession is one of the reasons for prestige in the world of modern youngsters. Being an engineer is Indians way of adding pride in the society. Parents get excited just because their son/ daughter are an engineer. In India, one would get a good job and get well settled in his/her career with an engineering graduate degree. It adds an image to one’s professional life. You could get a desired image and status in the competitive world and attain rising living standards.

  • Professionalism

Engineering is a mighty choice for a profession. Careers in engineering are among the top, advanced, most educational programs. This not adds dignity to oneself; it also gives a good money flow and helps for a luxurious lifestyle. While being an engineer and working in such a profession, it is not just the competitive wages that you get, it is also about sharing the society among fellow engineers. This will give you access to information and technology that will provide you with luxury as well as good career exposure.

  • Flexibility

Choice has become mandatory these days. Every profession has its own luxury of offering career choices to its professionals. Engineering degrees open up a wide range of career options to pursue with. One can practice to be an Engineer or pick up a post-graduation or an MBA for greater positions in life.

The society is in need of new and fresh minds that can bring changes around the way things work. If you are smart, you will realize your responsibility to the society. Just don’t waste your mind and



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“How to introduce yourself in interview!”

Are you ready for your next interview?

Any interview would start off with a gentle hand shake followed by this important question “Tell me about yourself,” though it sounds pretty simple, it is the most important part, where your career kick starts.

Now, this is not a welcome to recount your whole biography or even to go slug by projectile through your resume. Rather, it’s most likely your first and most obvious opportunity to pitch the contracting chief on why you’re the right one for the employment.

Follow the simplest, the Present-Past-Future equation. Along these lines, first you begin with the present—where you are at this time. At that point, segue into the previous a tad bit about the encounters you’ve had and the aptitudes you picked up at college or your past occupation. At long last, complete with the future—why you are truly energized for this specific open door.

Keep in mind all through your response to concentrate on the encounters and aptitudes that will be most pertinent for the employing chief when they’re considering this specific position and this organization.


Stay focused

List five qualities you have that are appropriate to this employment (encounters, attributes, aptitudes, and so forth.). What do you need the questioner to think about you when you take off?

Eleanor is solid in correspondences and uniting with individuals. She has an in number foundation and demonstrated accomplishment with client connections. Her genuine quality is her take after through. She prides herself on her notoriety for meeting due dates.

Write down:

Set up a script that incorporates the data you need to talk about. Start by discussing past encounters and demonstrated achievement:
Example: “I have been in the client administration industry for as far back as five years. My latest experience has been taking care of approaching brings in the innovative business. One reason I especially appreciate this business, and the difficulties that accompany it, is the chance to join with individuals. In my last employment, I framed some noteworthy client connections bringing about a 30 percent increment in deals in a matter of months.”

Next, your qualities and capacities:

Example: “My genuine quality is my meticulousness. I pride myself on my notoriety for completing and meeting due dates. When I focus on doing something, I verify it accomplishes, and on time.”

Talk about your present circumstance:

Example: “What I am searching for the time being is an organization that values client relations, where I can join an in number group and have a positive effect on client maintenance and deals.”


Rehearse with your script until you feel certain about what you need to stress. Your script ought to help you remain focused, however you shouldn’t remember it – you would prefer not to sound solid and practiced. It ought to sound characteristic and conversational.
Regardless of the fact that you are not solicited this sort from inquiry to start the meeting, this arrangement will help you concentrate on what you bring to the table. You will likewise observe that you can utilize the data in this activity to help you in noting different inquiries. The more you can discuss your item – you – the better risk you will have at offering it.

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How should your Resume be?

How should your Resume be?
In a word – “SHORT” that’s how it should be!
To be precise – “A page long”

A HR will spend only 30 seconds to review your resume

Remember: your resume is not the only one that reaches the HR, there are so many! Present it the best, which impress, in one scroll

The Key Elements: Fonts & Margin

Did you know? That fonts ad margins play a major role?

  • Be respectful, clear and conciseFont Chosen Should Be Professional ( Example: Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri)
  • Size: 10-12
  • Use BOLD – to a meager degree and in a consistent manner
  • Margin: Half to one inch on all four sides
  • Alignment: Left
  • Format: word or pdf

Resume Header: – Should contain your basic contact information that includes your name, Mailing address, Phone number and Email id

Objective: – “Your Employment Goals” – Change it according to the application and job profile

Experience: –

  • Follow an order while listing the project details – use the same format
  • Eg: Name of the company, City & state, start & end date, job title, responsibilities

  • List the most recent job and arrange likewise

Education: –

  • Highest order to the lowest
  • Eg: PG, UG, 12th, 10th

Skills: –

  • Communicate your talents in this section, only those that are relevant to the position you are applying
  • Include soft skills

Awards: –

  • Special accomplishments
  • Honors from a potential employer
  • It is better, if you have 2 or more awards to give it a separate section in your resume

Activities: –

  • List those that you are comfortable answering
  • Political/religious/controversial activities are to be avoided
  • It is better, if you have 2 or more awards to give it a separate section in your resume

Work Status: –

  • Your eligibility to work in US
  • US citizen or green card holder or US work visa holder or seeking authorization

Present only the relevant information, and go through your resume every time before applying. This helps in tailoring your resume according to the application.

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Starting your document? Things to keep in mind!

  • Get to the point
  • Check if the content is Polite, Professional and Focused
  • Be Clear, efficient and personable
  • Have your audience in mind
  • Tailor your text
  • Avoid Overly formal Language
  • Avoid glittery words
  • Avoid using “I” and “We,” write the entire document in a third person point
  • Avoid Sarcasm
  • Avoid wordiness
  • Who is your reader? – The most important pointer

  •   The reader’s role in the organization
  • Value that the document carries
  • Be crystal clear
  • Ask questions to yourself – on what they would expect
  • Review similar documents

Writing for general audience?                                               

  • Be respectful, clear and concise
  • Avoid “Tech-talks”
  • Write in a conversational tone
  • Judge the clarity
  • Say the most valuable points first

               Generic Tips

  •   Sound Natural
  • Use names and pronouns
  • Include Courtesies
  • State Arguments in a positive tone
  •  Avoid sarcasm
  • Use active voice
  • Express goodwill by exhibiting concern for reader’s viewpoint
  • Be judicious with use of humor

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IT skills that rules this year, 2015

“Get to know the emerging trends in IT, here are the top 10 technologies which are anticipated to rule the world for next few years.”

1) Application Development

blog image 1

Programming is the heart of advanced IT; from inner frameworks that control key business capacities like finance and advertising, to front-end applications that encourage deals and request follows better programming, which means better business. Not long from now, organizations will procure developers for everything from moves up to press most extreme ROI from existing PC frameworks, to the configuration and advancement of new applications that will take the business into what’s to come. Those with abilities in the effective and flexible Java programming dialect – an enduring most loved in the improvement of big business frameworks, equipment controllers, web and versatile applications – will be in the best request through.

Hot Programming skills in market:Java, .NET, Objective – C, UI design

2) Project Management

blog image 1

As companies endeavor to profit by innovation slants in territories like mobile applications, cloud and big data, the degree and unpredictability of IT anticipates will keep on rising, driving record interest for undertaking administrators with the business and specialized skill to finish extends on-time, under plan and to details. The quickly developing number of programming advancement ventures will likewise spike workforce interest for aptitudes and confirmations in today’s driving programming driven PM methodologies, eminently Agile and Waterfall. 35% of review respondents plan to support their undertaking administration staff in 2015.

Hot Programming skills in market:Agile | Waterfall | Software Development Project Mgmt. | PMP Certification

3) Tech support

blog image 1

A pillar in pretty much every top IT companies list for the most recent decade. The universal interest for IT bolster experts is a result of innovation’s continually expanding part in business, i.e., new PC frameworks, we require a bigger number of IT help work area and bolster specialists to keep them running easily. Far reaching reception of BYOD (bring-your-own-gadget) and other organization run versatile activities is driving particularly popularity for specialized bolster staff with portable ability. Delicate abilities like powerful verbal/composed correspondence, time administration and client backing are additionally key to accomplishment in this space. 30% of study members have arrangements to bring on new technical support pros in 2015.

Hot Programming skills in market:Mobile Device Management | Windows Desktop Support | Linux Administration | Effective Communication | Time Management | Customer Support

4) Information Security

blog image 1

As digital assaults keep on growing in extension, recurrence and advancement, security will stay a noteworthy sympathy toward IT leaders in 2015 and past. The proceeded with mass relocation from physical to virtual/cloud-based registering situations, and developing remote patterns like the Internet of Things (which will surge systems with a large number of “joined” gadgets in advancing years) are radically expanding the intricacy – and with it the potential vulnerabilities – of remote systems and the Internet on the loose. InfoSec professionals who can evaluate, recognize and keep the heap security dangers to present day systems will appreciate different occupation offers and top-level compensations in 2015.

Hot Programming skills in market: Wireless Network Security | Ethical Hacking | Risk Assessment | Cloud Security

5) Web development

blog image 1

Web development is for the most creative person in the world, every business needs a website and those who can be creative enough to give an awe-inspiring website will win the shoe for sure. Using HTML and CSS, as the predominant and few other new technologies are coming up to add more look and feel. The e-business industry will ever expand as new organizations dispatch with a necessity for web vicinity and existing organizations advance their online offerings to contend.

Hot Programming skills in market: : Responsive Web Design | HTML | CSS | JavaScript | PHP

6) Database Administration

blog image 1

As organizations keep on hoarding to record measures of data, workforce interest for gifted database executives who can successfully handle and deal with this information will keep on prospering. 26% of the tech officials reviewed arrangement to bring on new database experts.Hot Programming skills in market: : Oracle | Microsoft SQL Server | IBM DB2 | MySQL | PostgreSQL

7) Business Intelligence

blog image 1

One of the most ideal approaches to use today’s business information is to dissect it for significant patterns that will help the organization settle on more astute choices. Improvement abilities in SQL (the main programming dialect for information control) will stay in colossal interest. Associations will likewise search out people with involvement in the top BI stages, for example, IBM Cognos, Oracle BI, Tableau and SAS. Delicate abilities like inventive critical thinking and powerful presentation will be fundamental as well, as experts must regularly consider unheard of options to uncover concealed jewels inside the information, then briefly hand-off their discoveries to executives with a specific end goal to be followed up on. 24% of study respondents plan to contract business insight experts in 2015.

Hot Programming skills in market: : SQL Development | IBM Cognos | Tableau | Oracle BI | SAS BI | SAP Business Objects | Soft Skills in Presentation, Critical Thinking and Creative Problem Solving

8) Mobile Development & Device Management

blog image 1

As cell phones and tablets keep on changing the way people work, and convey, interest for portable aptitudes will keep on skyrocketing. Unchecked contracting of versatile application engineers has prodded one of the biggest abilities holes we’ve ever seen, i.e., there are essentially more portable advancement employment opportunities than qualified experts to fill them. Post the application showcase, the multiplication of cell phones in business – helped by approaches like BYOD – has organizations scrambling to prepare and contract staff members to oversee, secure and bolster the developing number of dissimilar gadgets. 24% of the IT executives plan to contract mobile experts.

Hot Programming skills in market: : iOS App Development | Android App Development | BYOD Support | Mobile Security

9) Networking

blog image 1

Networking will dependably be a noteworthy concern with IT leaders, however the current blindingly brilliant business viewpoint for system experts can be summed up in single word: wireless. Across the board selection of cell phones in the endeavor, quick development of hot fourth-era (4G) remote system innovations like LTE, and the approach of new and developing remote conventions, for example, Bluetooth Low Energy, have open and private division associations alike seeking after capable system experts with the aptitudes to plan, execute and secure all things remote. 22% of the innovation pioneers overviewed have IT organizing skill on their enlisting list of things to get for 2015.

Hot Programming skills in market: : Wireless Network Design & Administration | WiFi | LTE | RFID | Network Security

10) Big data

blog image 1

Big data started off with an end goal to change exponentially developing data stores into significant discernment. In every industry from social insurance and guard to online networking and retail will increase enormous information contracting in 2015. Past involvement in these hot structures, enormous information investigators need solid business astuteness, discriminating deduction abilities and scientific ability to uncover the bits of knowledge that will start a genuine upper hand. 20% of the tech executives overviewed arrangement to contract enormous information experts not long from now.

Hot Programming skills in market: : Hadoop | MapReduce | NoSQL | Data Visualization Development | Statistical Analysis

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INTRODUCTION: We all have one life makes it the best ; for the betterment of life education is important but placement planning is also important for young professionals who got the degree OR Getting degree from various Institution and University around the world. In this context we are writing a Snapshot Article for the benefits of Young professionals with reference to placement and planning. This article will show you what do or do not at crucial phase of career planning. In this article first we introduced cause and effect In absence of Placement Planning then its remedies in terms of PPYP Stages.

II.POINT TO BE PONDER: In absence of a proper career plan, people waste their irreversible time and qualification, waiting endlessly for an unknown “good” opportunity and later on either blames their fate or make excuses. One of the nationwide surveys of students, adults and job seekers, it was found that:

  • 97% people first finish their journey (education) and then think about the destination (career).
  • 92% of School students, when asked about their career choice have “let’s see what happens” attitude and most of them are either having unrealistic career ambitions or they follow the crowd.
  • 65% of school students and 88% of college students were busy doing everything except their studies.
  • 94% people are either in the wrong career or under-employed. They had not imagined during their school or college days that they’ll do the work which they are currently engaged in to earn money.
  • 82% of adults are not getting “good” jobs because they have degrees but not the employability skills. Also they are NOT willing to gain experience or enhance their career competencies. If an employer gives an appointment letter in hand with free training, 89% young people refuse the offer – “if I am getting a job then why to go for training” and prefer to sit at home for more than 6 months.
  • 90% of jobseeker don’t sign a bond even for 3 months and prefer to remain unemployed for more than 1 year.

Most of young people first disparately search jobs and once they get, 57% start finding faults with the employers or the working facilities and leave their jobs on trivial issues, only to remain unemployed again with negativity and frustration in mind. 71% of jobseekers are wise enough to remain unemployed or under-employed and change their jobs 2 times in a year. 76% of BTech and MBA degree holding engineers and managers are doing nocturnal jobs (awaking in night and sleeping during day time) in Call Centers sharing seats with their undergraduate colleagues trapped in a quagmire without any career or future prospects.

  • 8% of jobseekers are not aware that posting resumes on jobsites is not helpful because all such websites collect millions of resumes free of cost and sell the data which is classified on city, education, gender, age wise to marketing/advertising/insurance/ placement agencies at very exorbitant price (ranging from Rs 1,80,000 to pa 3,20,000 pa) which is not cost effective for employers and they don’t have access to your resume. This is why, you wait for 2-3 months and rarely get direct interview calls from real employers.

Due to wrong and casual approach towards job search, most people simply waste the best years of their career doing petty jobs. At the career building stage of life, if a person remains unemployed for a long period, frustration starts griping the mind, which is biggest enemy of a person’s creativity and acts like rust. Job seekers refuse to give 40 minutes for career planning and prefer to suffer and struggle for 40 years in their working lives. Remember even the best player requires a coach/Better Plan!

III.IMPORTANCE OF PLACEMENT PLANNING FOR YOUNG PROFESSIONALS: PPYP : Whether you’re currently studying somewhere or looking for a job or want a career change, this article will support you to take control of your career. Planning to Placement is for people who are looking for their first job or under employed or have been unemployed for a long time. Get the job which is most suited to your qualification, knowledge and life style in just 7 simple PPYP Stages. This will save your time, energy and money which are wasted in experimentation. I have done the research for PPYP and will guide you PPYP Stages to get an immediate job in MNCs and good corporate with best salary and benefits offered in the industry. PPYP stages (in figure 1) are not for reading but for action.

PPYP STAGE 1. IDENTIFY AND EVALUATE EMPLOYABILITY SKILLS : Your domain knowledge and functional skills (like English, IT, Interpersonal) decide whether you have to run after a job, or a job will come to you. Why an HR should hire you? Your employable skills are more important than your degrees. Degree is just a gate pass it opens the door for you. But if you don’t have career competencies you’ll not get a job. Being a fresher is not bad but not having knowledge is too bad and shameful. It you are not confident that you possess right job skills then instead of changing your job field or doing any job, consider the possibility of accepting temporary or part-time work, or doing project work on a contract basis for some time to gain real job experience and enhance your career competencies. We have seen thousands of MBAs who cannot communicate effectively for 2 minutes and cannot write 5 lines of correct sentences either in Hindi or English. Above all their attitude is “I have done MBA; sooner or later I will get a job”. Well, if someone has to do a tele-caller job in a placement agency or selling insurance policies after doing MBA, then why not to do the same job after passing 12th. Unskilled jobs are not for Master’s degree holders, it is for semi-literates or undergrads. Remember, no one gives job to a paper bearing the degree it is given to a right person holding the degree. Degree is a label on the box, but if the box is empty who will pay for it? If you have the real knowledge and skills, employers are ready to bid for you and can pay you any amount you ask. Salary is not a problem for a deserving candidate. If you don’t have skills then you have to beg for a job and beggars can’t be choosers

PPYP STAGE 2. DECIDE REALISTIC JOB FIELDS AS PER YOUR JOB SKILLS + ATTITUDE + DEGREE : Take help of career assessment to know your real aptitude and work preferences. If you are doing a job which you like most then it is a hobby which you never feel doing but enjoy and get happiness. It has double benefits at one hand the employee gets job satisfaction and on the other hand employers get increased productivity. Next prepare a list of possible job fields as per the skills you possess + work interests and life styles + educational qualification. Differentiate between just doing a job and making a career.

Caution: Don’t follow the crowd blindly. There is a trend among B.Tech students, when they fail to get a suitable job they try to Enroll in MTech or MBA programmes. This over qualification seldom helps. BTech is a professional qualification to start a good career.

PPYP STAGE 3. WRITE YOUR RESUMES AND COVERING LETTERS : Your distinct resume: You are a deserving candidate but not getting interview calls, because the HR Manager has not read your resume. Why? Subject line of your email is the magic wand. Out of hundreds of resumes, which the recruiters and HR departments receive, they glance it for 8-10 seconds and move ahead. In this fraction of time, if your resume caught the attention then only you receive an interview mail otherwise you are one among the crowd. This is a very crucial factor and most of the applicants are simply ignorant about preparing a resume and covering email/letter (an integral part of your resume). If you don’t know the techniques to present yourself, then you are bound to face rejection in spite of having better qualification. The objective part of the resume should avoid words like “I want to excel in my career” rather write “I want to turn your vision into a reality”. Give prominence to what you have to offer – real examples of the skills you possess (1-10 scale) and assignments where you have used them. Sending resume with personalized mail body (cover letter) keeps you stand apart from the crowd and are given preference over other candidates.

Restrain yourself: No fake experience or degree – it is a crime and one day you’ll be caught. Also don’t give false information about your skills or experience. Chances are on the basis of your statements in the resume, HR person may “Hire a fish to climb the tree”. But it will not work, ultimately either you’ll leave the job or company will show you the exit gate. This will create unnecessary tension and frustration in your mind. The one-to-one interaction in the workshop helps you to showcase your resume in a distinct manner, increasing the chances of getting good job.

PPYP STAGE 4. MAKE A LIST OF YOUR PROSPECTIVE EMPLOYERS AND DEVELOP NETWORK : Most of the good opportunities are never advertised. You might be aware that 80% of the selections are made without advertising. Generally, you apply for only 20% of the vacant positions after perusing newspaper ads and postings on jobsites. This reduces your chance of success. To overcome this barrier, you should consider or deliver your personalized resume to recruiters of the MNCs and reputed organizations, you wish to work. When your resume reaches directly in the hands of HR managers, you get immediate attention and interview offers. Wrong way of networking: People generally forward their resume with a request – “Please find a job, you think which is suitable for me “. How I or anyone else can know which job is right for you if you don’t know about yourself.

PPYP STAGE 5. USE CONTEMPORARY AND EFFECTIVE JOB SEARCH METHOD :Why it is so difficult to get our dream job? The simple reason is most of the jobseekers imitate each other and don’t know how to search a good job. After spending lakhs of rupees and their precious time to get degrees, they adopt very casual approach towards searching jobs. Their job search is influenced by rumours among peer groups and some myths inherited from seniors.

A common mistake: Most of the job-seekers upload their resume on 4-5 jobsites and start waiting for some unknown opportunity. They have a wrong notion that just posting their resumes on jobsites will bring good offers automatically. Uploading your resume on websites helps the jobsite owners more than you. After collecting millions of resumes free of cost, they put a lid on the box and start selling the resumes at such an exorbitant price which is beyond the reach of 99% of the employers. You can verify this fact yourself from these websites, who sell your resume database for a premium price ranging from Rs 1,60,000 to Rs 2,80,000 pa. Just imagine how many employers are ready to pay this amount for searching your resume on jobsite and then calling you for the interview?

So who is purchasing your resume?

  • Marketing and advertising agencies: who get very systematically arranged data like gender wise, qualification-wise, city-wise, age-wise, income-wise and accordingly promote their products and services.
  • Insurance companies: who generate leads of working people through these data.
  • Management and other institutes: who send emails to jobseekers to Enroll in various training programmes.
  • Placement consultants: who contact all the jobseekers and ask them to pay from Rs 100 to Rs 1000 or even more.

This is why after updating your resume on these jobsites; you are not getting interview calls from real and good employers because they are not able to access your resume. In the last months how many real calls or emails you have received from genuine employers? Don’t count the fake interviews.

PPYP STAGE 6. PREPARE YOURSELF FOR INTERVIEWS, STAY POSITIVE AND HANDLE REJECTION: Your performance in the interview is a decisive factor to get an appointment letter. Most of the candidates are unaware about the basic facts of the interview. They face it unrehearsed and in a casual manner only to get rejection.

CTC v/s ROI: Try to convey in simple manner what you can do to bring more business and income for the organization. Don’t count your problems or make a list of your expenses or start negotiating the salary at the time of interview. The HR person is not going to put the company’s resources to solve your problems or to meet your cost of living and repay your loans. HR job is to hire the best person for growth of the organization. The key to effectively answer a question is to understand the purpose of the question. Your dressing sense, body language and etiquettes give a lasting impression and help in the decision making process. Never attend any interview just for time pass. Never try to find faults with the interviewer and don’t forget to send a “Thank you email or message” after the interview – it matters most and has far reaching consequences.

PPYP STAGE 7. TECHNICAL TESTS, INTERNSHIP AND PROJECT EXPERIENCE:Some of the jobs, especially in IT sector, require testing of your technical skills. Due to fast changing domain knowledge and vast scope of the field, candidates get confused. It is an obvious fact that candidates who mention some job experience are given priority in selection process. To boost your career try to get real work experience and involve yourself with genuine assignments. This way, you’ll get a valid experience certificate of reputed companies, which can be authentically mentioned in your resume. Instead of sitting idle, passing time with friends and keeping yourself busy on Facebook, do some work and gain real work experience and appreciation. Working on a project will give a chance to show employer what you can do. Later on, if your employer creates a permanent position, you will have a big advantage over other applicants because the employer already knows you. The internships may or may not be paid but will open a new chapter of success in your career.

CONCLUSION: In this article we just focus Some Important Factor about Placement Planning for Young Professionals (PPYP) and Also discuss PPYP Stage should be consider before planning for path of Success because ONE LIFE MAKES IT THE BEST. This article is helpful to all young professionals who like to excel in life with reference to your knowledge, interests, work preferences and educational qualification. It will also helpful in complete job search process. In addition with its shows you how to assess your aptitude and skills, target your work search, develop resumes with application letters and practice interview techniques.

“Don’t be a parasite! With degrees in hand and still being dependent on family is a shame; having negativity in mind, not working and not earning is a curse” – Dr. Ripu Ranjan Sinha


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MBA Freshers – Sales Job or Sales Career?


We had seminar with the MBA (Sales & Marketing) freshers, and the top of the mind priority was – THE JOB, naturally. My suggestion to them was to have Career Plan in particular industry.. as once the direction is set, it would be difficult for them to change the course later.

Sales is the only profession where you decide your take-home salary, as most of the companies have Salary = Fixed Component + Variable. Now, this Variable is always in your control.Most who leave Sales jobs are primarily because they are left on their own. and are expected to understand everything and perform. The employers hardly provide them professional sales training. Normally, the HR orientation & product sales trainings are confused with Sales Skills.

Product Sales is about how to sell your product, but Products are hardly 20% of the entire process.Companies must focus on freshers and provide them not only the product training but also the professional skills like Prospecting, Qualification, Objection Handling, Presentation of Solutions, Negotiation, Using Social Media to build Business Relationships, Post-Sales Services, Account Management etc etc etc

So, decide on the industry (which should be growing for next 3 years at least) , take necessary Professional Sales Training, Do your homework & WORK HARD !! :)Corem Sales Consulting experts in building the industry relevant powerful sales or selling skills by focusing on the desired MINDSET, SKILLS, KNOWLEDGE & the TOOLS.

Rajneesh Jain,Director
Corem Sales Consulting,(Corporate Partner, Procademia)

Do connect with us:Corem’s FB
LinkedIn – Rajneesh Jain
(C) Corem Sales Consulting P L, Chennai, Bengaluru, Mumbai, Delhi.Sales Consulting
Business Consulting            Sales TrainingSales Academy

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The Right Education for the Right Career

Come the months of May and June, testing times begin for students. Anxiously waiting to entrance exam results and then weighing options to get yourself into the most demanded course and college may sometimes not be the best decision to make.

With a few of us cribbing about the system and its follies, it is however sensible to apply to as many colleges and universities as possible during this crucial phase. Here are few things to keep in mind while you scurry along the way.

Take a look at the all possible courses that interest you

blog image 1

Your educational stream or under-graduation or Post graduation determines your career path 80% of the time. If you have basic interests and natural talents for some segments of education, find out about colleges that offer those courses. Find out about the maximum admit capacity, the placement record and the cut-off required for the program. This is the undoubtedly the right way to choose your education and career.

If you look to take up a Post-Graduation first analyze if this PG would complement and supplement our UG degree and what are the possible career options before you. Study entry-level positions and salaries that your PG would attract after you finish your PG. Most importantly see if this PG course you opt for has a part-time study option as you can take up during the rest of the day to gain work-experience.

Don’t shun the road not taken.

blog image 2

There are few courses in every college or university that may not attract students in large numbers (at least in India, owing to the hype around information technology and computer science) for example environmental engineering, chemical engineering, bio-medical engineering even civil engineering. But, these are courses of the future were there are published studies of the growing demand for engineers with specialization in these streams of education.

Take a balanced approach.

blog image 3

Don’t just stop after applying to and writing entrance exams for the top institutes alone. Apply and write the exams of the local and regional colleges in your state or district too. Chances of you getting an admission into the best available under-graduation program in these colleges can be high due to lower competition levels.

It is not a crime if you have still not chosen a Career or Profession. It takes time to make well-informed decisions. Meet Experts and Professionals and learn more about the available education streams and professions and work with a Counsellor or Mentor to decide on the right education for the right career. A Career that would keep you interested, keep you learning, and take you to higher levels of success.

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Teacher – Student Relationship


The teacher student relationship is very important for children because they spend approximately 5 to 7 hours a day with a teacher for almost 10 months in a year.  Students’ first educational experience, which takes place in the primary years of students life, sets the principles for their future education /life.

What is Teacher-Student Relationship?

The teacher student relationship is very important for children because they spend approximately 5 to 7 hours a day with a teacher for almost 10 months in a year. .Students’ first educational experience, which takes place in the primary years of our life, sets the principles for our future education

A positive relationship between the student and the teacher is very difficult to establish, but once established it creates a bond between the teacher and student. . A teacher and student who have the qualities of good communications, respect in a classroom, and show interest in teaching from the point of view of the teacher and learning from a student will establish a positive relationship in the classroom. .

Children have different strategies for learning and achieving their goals. A few students will grasp and learn quickly, but at the same time there will be those who have to be repeatedly taught using different techniques for the student to understand the lesson. .  Understanding the student’s problem, fear, or confusion will give the teacher a better understanding the student’s learning process. Once the teacher becomes aware of the problems, he or she will have more patience with the student, thus making the students feel secure or less confused when learning is taking place in the classroom.

The communication between the student and the teacher serves as a connection between the two, which provides a better atmosphere for a classroom environment. The more the teacher connects or communicates with his or her students, the more likely they will be able to help students learn at a high level and accomplish quickly.

The teacher needs to understand that students come from different cultures and backgrounds. If the teacher demonstrates an understanding of the student’s culture, it will provide a better understanding between the teacher and the student. Those teachers, who demonstrate respect towards their students, automatically win favour by having active learners in their classroom. The arrogant or offensive teacher will lack these positive qualities due to his or her lack of control over the children. Teachers are encouraged to blend their warmth and firmness towards the students in their classroom, but with realistic limits.

Teachers learning cannot be forced. Learning becomes a process for an individual where he or she feels comfortable with learning whether it’s in a classroom or at home. Students learn when they enjoy learning. Authoritarian control is often destructive to students

Teachers should give appropriate and helpful feedback to their students. Interaction between the student and teacher becomes extremely important for a successful relationship through the entire time of a school/ college year.

Teachers who follow the traditional curriculum do not necessarily need to focus on their traditional ideas, but rather interact with their students and find interesting topics to discuss with their students.

Teachers can establish a positive relationship with their students by communicating with them and properly providing feedback to them. Being established a positive relationship with students encourage students to take education with enthusiasm and teachers will be recognized because the students will inculcate at least one way or other Ten Commandments for better Teacher -Student Relationship

  1. Make an effort to know each students of your class and always call them by name
  2. Make an effort to spend time individually with students especially students who are shy and find  difficult to understand / learn
  3. Create a positive climate in the class room and make the students to sail with you
  4. Focus on your relationship with the students and among themselves too. Positive relationship encourage students to understand and learn
  5. Have positive discussion with problematic students instead of bombarding which may demotivate  them
  6. Learn the temperaments of your class students and create appropriate learning opportunity
  7. Give meaningful feedback that says you care for them and for their future. Let your feedback convey the message that you are supporting their learning process
  8. Allow enough time to students to link the concept & skills they are learning to their own experience
  9. Plan activities that create a sense of community so that they have an opportunity to connect to what they are learning as well as time to enjoy with you and with other students
  10. Be a friend , Philosopher and Mentor to your students.

Posted by Mr.G. Rengan, CEO, ABCD Academy, Member – Expert Panel, Procademia.

About the Author:

G.Rengan. The Author is a  professional banker with 39 yrs of experience and retired as Asst. General Manager Indian Overseas Bank, Founder & Chief executive officer of ABCD Academy.

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Raise Your Standards

Warren Buffet said: ‘If you like me, raise your hand; if not, raise your standard’.

You have to raise your standards to appreciate great people and great things in life.

You have been raising your standard from 1st standard to college.

But after college, on entering Life, do we stop raising our standards?

How do we raise our standards? By Empowering ourselves daily; if not daily, weekly; if not weekly, fortnightly.

Empowerment has to be through Knowledge, Skills and Attitude.

  • Improve your Knowledge continuously.
  • Improve your Skills.
  • Develop the right Attitude.

All the 3 are available as Open Data: in books, print media and electronic media. All these are available to those who see.

During my XII standard (then PUC), I did not know about IIT. After completing XII, when everybody was talking about taking coaching classes for IIT entrance exam, then I came to know about IIT. Too late.

Today, if you choose, you can be ahead of your times and peers. Remember Boris Becker was the Wimbledon Champion in Tennis at 17.

Know in advance: The knowledge to be acquired, how and where it can be acquired, the right skills to be developed and to cultivate the right attitude to a career and life from a Mentor.

Today, Mentors are available. You can choose your Mentor. You need not ask your parents, in case they are not in a position to give suitable guidance.

Generally, children born in families where parents have been successful, are brought up well with quality education, good etiquette and timely guidance, they stand a better chance of succeeding in life. That is, they are competent!

Today, there is Hope and Future for all – your parents may not have seen the world. It does not matter. A good mentor can make you successful in realising your ambition.

Mentoring is new to India. We have to believe in Mentoring. Knowledgeable and experienced persons are available to share their wisdom with the younger generation. It is for the younger generation to seize the opportunity for their improvement and success in life.


Posted by: Mr A.K.Jagannathan, Board of Advisor – Procademia.

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