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How should your Resume be?

How should your Resume be? In a word – “SHORT” that’s how it should be! To be precise – “A page long” A HR will spend only 30 seconds to review your resume Remember: your resume is not the only … Continue reading

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IT skills that rules this year, 2015

“Get to know the emerging trends in IT, here are the top 10 technologies which are anticipated to rule the world for next few years.” 1) Application Development Programming is the heart of advanced IT; from inner frameworks that control … Continue reading

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Procademia on the News!

After a few years of conceptualization exercises, concentrated teamwork in laying the foundation and building, and many man-hours of testing and pruning Procademia and its features, we finally felt that it was time for Procademia to make it to the … Continue reading

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Mentoring In India

India rooted in its deep tradition of Gurus and Ashrams has a society construed with high and ulterior values and respect for the Guru or the Teacher. It is very evident from the Old Indian saying from the Gita “Matha, … Continue reading

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