Teachers, Teachers, and Teachers

Hello, friends!

Join me for a moment.

There are teachers, there are teachers, and there are teachers. Are all these of the same calibre? Certainly not, you’ll say and I agree with you. You may have your own criteria to decide the differences in the calibre. I have mine, too.

Listen and think with me. Thanks.

How significant is the role of teachers in the (teaching)-learning process? Very, I’d say. How you might ask. Here is how:

However good students may be, they cannot do much without support services like the laboratory, the library and the classroom. They can’t shine either without appropriate guidance from faculty. If the infrastructure provides the necessary accessories, faculty provide the vital link between the student and the infrastructure.

Naturally, faculty are needed to

• define, shape and give meaning to learning

• strengthen the weak learner with compassion

• support the average learner with understanding

• kindle the exceptional learner with zest.

It may be said that the computer can and will eliminate the teacher in due course of time. But it’s a nonhuman source and if at all it can speak only in monotone and will thus totally lack the infinitely communicative nonverbal body language that two bodies and minds can generate and share. It is a cold machine and will thus totally lack the warmth and the bondage that bind forever the disciple to the guru and the guru to the disciple. Such is the fatally vital link. Such is the crucial role of faculty in the life of the learner and thus in the growth of technical education.

This is not to say the sources other than the teacher are to be done away with but that learning cannot obtain its fullness without a human and humane ‘guru’.

Are teachers born? Or are they made? Just as there are three categories of learners, there are also teachers who are exceptional, who are good, who are average and who are weak. What do I mean by the four attributive adjectives?

The exceptional (ones) are very knowledgeable and are already very highly self-motivated and are blessed with a sustained positive attitude and teaching skills.

The good (ones) are also knowledgeable and self-motivated and possess a weak positive attitude and so need to be pushed to travel the whole distance.

The average (ones) possess knowledge, are unable to sustain a positive attitude and are generally motivated but require attention and training for them to sustain the right attitude and maintain their motivation. They wish to prove themselves to be good teachers but are disappointed, unlike the exceptional and the good ones, if they are not appreciated. They are large in number.

The weak (ones) also possess knowledge and are least motivated and so require training and guidance constantly to develop positive attitude and motivation. They do not come to teaching willingly. Therefore they teach with their body and go through the motions. They hop on to lucrative jobs overseas or in private sector. The residue continue to occupy teaching positions. They may not be strong in their disciplines. They may not be inclined to update their knowledge either. As a result, they may not be able to cope with the demands of the thirsting learners and fail to gain respect and admiration. Frustration may set in and they may take it out on the student community. It is not my intention to find fault with this category. I am drawing our attention to existing realities only to focus on the need to motivate and train these weak teachers so that, using their intrinsic potential, they perform with competence, so that they do justice by their students who are placed by the state in their protection. I am confident that once steps are taken to enable them to see meaning in teaching, they will be equal to the task of building their nation as teachers.

Even the ‘best’ of the ‘best’ know they’re not the ‘best’. They know the more they know what ‘best’ is, they know they know ‘less’. This is the sign of the ‘best’. For ‘best’ has no set definition. ‘Best’ can be ‘bested’ because ‘best’ is like the horizon stretching to infinity. You go the distance, yet there is more distance to cover.

Give it your ‘best’ shot, won’t you? I know you will. God bless!

Kolipakam Lakshminarayanan, Expert Panel Member – Procademia


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Procademia on the News!

After a few years of conceptualization exercises, concentrated teamwork in laying the foundation and building, and many man-hours of testing and pruning Procademia and its features, we finally felt that it was time for Procademia to make it to the news.  We were confident that Procademia was built to benefit skill and talent development in the best available holistic way and we approached MSME, (Ministry of Micro Small and Medium Enterprises) to talk about Procademia.

MSME understood Procademia’s motives, goals and visions and were thoroughly convinced that Procademia would create new strides and trends in talent and skill development and aid towards progressive employability rates. They were happy to introduce and endorse Procademia to the Media and set up a Press Meet with all leading National and vernacular dailies on the 24th of October.

The Press Meet – Introducing Procademia.

Present for the Press Meet were reporters from the “The Hindu” , “News Today” , “The Deccan Chronicle” and vernacular dailies like “Dinamani” and “Puthiya Thalaimurai”. A short gist of the what dailies published about Procademia is substantiated below:

‘The Hindu’ – The leading daily wrote portraying Procademia as a Mentoring, Career and Skill enhancement portal with multifaceted dimensions and utilities. Acknowledging the student, academician and professional connect, ‘The Hindu’ stated that Procademia has kicked off Mentoring in India and is the online connect that would materialize progressive results:


‘News Today’ – The evening daily News Today, published Procademia as a link between students, academia and industry professionals, and one that bridges the employability gap. This online platform is the first of its kind in India, and connects the student to a professionals who would interact, educate, counsel, Mentor and aid in the skill development during the graduation years itself and make them employment ready


‘The Deccan Chronicle’ – The Daily described us a bridge that connects education to employment. It further stated that Procademia aimed at promoting an online ecosystem that would create successive waves in producing highly employable individuals and become an ideal model for talent and skill development.


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Mentoring In India

MentoringIndia rooted in its deep tradition of Gurus and Ashrams has a society construed with high and ulterior values and respect for the Guru or the Teacher. It is very evident from the Old Indian saying from the Gita “Matha, Pitha, Guru, Deivam”, proving that the society seeds the Guru before God and the Mother and Father precede the Guru.

However, centuries down the line we have a completely heterogeneous society that is frantically trying to cope with the modern and western civilization and trying to grab information and education in every possible way, let alone our system of Education which requires every individual to go through the 10+2+3/4 pattern for a decent job.

The qualities of Gurus and our traditions on the ‘Guru Bhakti’ have diluted and we have parents spending every dime of theirs to provide their children the ‘so-called’ best education in the best school. This has simply led to a confused society that has almost zeroed in on every other interest and passion and made “A job, An attractive salary, and A house” their goal in life.

Talent and potential for performance or expertise remained unidentified or were mapped in a wrong and inefficient manner that led to a disengaged individual who always performed way lower than benchmarks. Although the Indian parent is someone who cared the most for the child’s future we have embraced a mindset that sets apart individuality and kills every interest and aspiration of the child at a very young age through the preaching of dogmatic ideas and stereotypical material aspirations. It failed to see the individual as someone who is capable of creating a custom-made future in which he/she would be happy, content, work in careers or live a life to their fullest potential.

All of these created a snowballing effect and plunged employability rates of the young workforce that entered into employment every year. A staggering 25%! The last decade did see an outburst of Career Counselling, and these units offered the youth information and guidance on what they can pursue for higher education and mostly on the education options abroad which had promising or lucrative careers or jobs. These units promoted business interests based on what was up and profitable but not a counselling or guidance that would match the interest, talent and aspiration of the young mind.

In fact, there is practically zero or no mentoring in the average life of an Indian. It is only the extremely self-motivated and talented individual who seeks inspiration from the people around and consciously or subconsciously goes through some kind of remote mentoring. It is time for India to look at ‘Mentoring’ as an activity that would transform and add value to the life trajectory of the Young Indian that would enable and empower them to realise their complete potential and make a career and life worth living. It’s time we thought about Mentoring in India!

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Rendezvous with Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam

Inspired by Dr.Kalam’s vision of India 2020, we are a small team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs who set out to make a small path towards that vision. Although our initial worries on how to plan, design, mobilize funds and start the initiative was daunting, giving us sleepless nights, it was the vision kept our spirits going every day helping us
make small but sure steps, towards building this pathway!

Building the Pathway for India 2020!

Running from pillar to post, we chalked out various strategies thinking of novel ways that would make this pathway for young India. All of our thoughts culminated and synchronized to freeze one strategy and process that wouldgive us enough matter, material and enough of energy to muster up to that vision of this living legend Dr. Kalam. We decided to bring the concept of ‘Mentoring’ to India and power it with technology connecting students,academicians and industry professionals on an online platform! Our sleepless nights were now overcome with an overpowering energy to start working towards this goal of creating ‘the connect’, and we decided to see our mentor, who with just his vision and words charged us to arrive at this make this massive initiative.

Dr. Kalam, Extreme Close-up!

It was a pensive two hours of waiting on the 10th of August 2012, and the  scientist and ardent political figure was not an easy appointment to get.During the times of our visit to his residence for an appointment we saw small groups of youngsters who approached and spent time with Dr. Kalam, and he with great ease chatted away, listened, and spoke to them with so much of energy and enthusiasm nurturing their views and ideas. A gifted lot indeed! …we thought!

It is so strange and intriguing to see a man of his stature spend so much time with promising youngsters rather than diplomats or public officials discussing policies or giving speeches. Watching Dr.Kalam in such close quarters made us awe at the magnanimity of her persona. We could only look at him as a patriot who was truly concerned about
young India, and he worked ceaselessly every minute to give everything he can, to see them touch those pinnacles for India.

We would think an 80- year- old government official and statesmen retires to bed at 9 or even 10. But, Dr. Kalam agreed to meet us at 10.30pm that night. He was still in his Indian suit and was nowhere close to retiring for the day.In fact on that very day he had travelled almost half the length of the country for a meeting and here he was back meeting us and had a few other visitors who would well take his time beyond midnight. His spirits at this age after all his mighty feats shake the very core of our value systems and working styles!

Then came our much awaited time, although his walking towards us gave us goose-pimples we put on a brave face and he completely shook us with his warm smile and suave manners in greeting us. Mustering energy to beat his charismatic fever on us, we explained about our concept and strategy. Happy to see his face slowly lighting up with a smile as we kept explaining, we were re-assured of his acceptability and support for the idea.

Eagerly checking on a few facts, Dr. Kalam, was happy about the initiative and told us that he would be watching Procademia.com evolve and develop. He gave us his best wishes and blessings as he parted us. Well, …..words that truly made our day, our purpose! We reached euphoric spirits as posed for a photograph with this larger than life personality.

Dr.Kalam is truly a gift to India in every way

Posted by : –Co-Founders – Augustine Amalraj,  Mohan Thilak & Raju Packianathan




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Dear Members;

We welcome blog articles from our registered members. Please send your profile link and the blog content to support@procademia.com

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Employability – Bridge the Gap

Its graduation day, excitement fills up and mounts high in every single student out there getting their degree, a passport to begin a career, to have a job or to pursue what they, including their parents have been dreaming all along. The song “Papa kehte hain bada naam karega, beta hamara aisa kaam karega….“, still lingers in our ears, 25 years after the movie came into theatres. Many Indian movies have portrayed the difficulties faced by students to find themselves a suitable job. It is, but every student’s dream to make it big in life. But many questions surface when a student has finished his/her degree and is out there in the big wild world looking out for a job. What opportunities have I? Am I equipped enough? What are the requirements and will I meet them? And so on.

In this context, employability is about work and the ability to be employed. It is the ability to gain initial employment, maintain employment, make ‘transitions’ between jobs and roles within the same organization to meet new job requirements, and the ability to obtain new employment. Employability is nothing but right person in the right job!

People may find jobs, but it may be below their level of skill, or low paid, undesirable or unsustainable.

What decides how employable a candidate is? In most cases a student is not aware of the market requirements, not unless and until it is time for that first interview. The requirements can be fundamental skills, technical skills, communication skills, life skills and social skills. Sorry, is the state of affairs, as our education system is more inclined to bookish knowledge. In developed nations, mentoring is the key contributor to social and economic developments. Ironically, in our country, the system of Gurukul was prevalent in ancient period, wherein a student’s childhood is spent with the Guru or the teacher, who trains the students in all arenas, from the sastras to martial arts and all spheres of life helping them to lead a holistic life.

On the industry side, there is a dearth for skilled professionals, which ultimately reflects on the national development. The current Indian education system, fails to address this mismatch. The lack of interaction between students and the industry professionals should be looked into, so as to meet both needs. A student should be made to understand the needs of the market, in order to make one employable, eventually meeting industry needs for skilled professionals.

Procademia, is that one stop shop, where minds meet, knowledge seekers can meet knowledge givers, paving way for knowledge sharing. It is an effective online platform that connects the students/fresher communities with industry professionals with an intention to create employment opportunities. It also connects the industry professional with academia through various interactive sessions such as guest lectures, seminars, workshops, training programs, visiting faculties etc. The intelligence, experience and expertise of a professional or an academician who plays the role of mentor is thus best utilized and the nation’s economic development can be boosted with productive skilled professionals.

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Knowing the Knowledge Society?

While many of us know the meaning for both words ‘Knowledge’ & ‘Society’individually, it may also seem a little perplexing when the two are coined together to form a term.  Well, let us look at the words individually and guess the relevance in our lives. Knowledge engulfs in it anything that we know of, from places, to people, to things: Skills, experiences and everything that we have acquired and learnt over time is knowledge.

From the stone- age, man has forged ahead nurturing and upgrading knowledge, and we live in a society shaped by knowledge.  One key element that drives an individual or a society into progressive times and eras is that of capability which develops because of knowledge. While acquiring knowledge in any form, shape or size has become an individual’s primary goal, it becomes the absolute responsibility of the society to harness this knowledge for productive and progressive outcomes, which simply leads to the wholesome development of the human race and hence the word ‘Knowledge Society’

Well, how is the society trying to harness this knowledge?

Every move and innovation in the society that has resulted in the creating, sharing and preserving of knowledge is an effort in the direction of harnessing knowledge. From the time the first book was written to this day of literally ‘googling’ for every piece of information, knowledge was used to spread knowledge. This continuous spreading spiraled and brought the human race galloping into an era that is heavily dependent on access to knowledge, and ways for the successful application of this knowledge.

Thus, we live in a knowledge-based society, which encourages us to acquire, share and apply knowledge in every way. However, it is necessary to utilize this pervasive pushing in the right directions equally, and at all levels. While our schooling and higher education system have been rigorous and rudimentary, we need facilitators who can mentor young minds and give them that necessary first hand information and knowledge on how their acquired knowledge in school and college can be applied.

Check out Proacademia.com and the unique initiative in trying to bridge this gap of application for the young mind in college. Log in and link- up with professionals in any field or area of expertise. Connect with them and learn from their knowledge and experiences. Proacademia.com is your online platform to share and apply knowledge with the help of a mentor. This techno-platform works towards nurturing a knowledge society.

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Identify your skill, it Carves your Identity.

A skill is basically your ability to do something well. Singing, dancing, painting drawing are all examples of skills. A skill means expertise in a particular activity. During the time of the industrial revolution or at the time of the World Wars, workers or employees in an industry were classified as unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled workers. As the work involved was ardous and physical, workers had to understand, learn and deliver the tasks given correctly within a specific time. Therefore, a skilled worker would be someone who was able to deliver the task within the time frame or even lesser.

As so much for the skill pedigree, a person can have many skills and may be excellent at a few, average at some and poor at a few. Our challenge lies in finding the ones that we excel in and fit ourselves into those roles or careers. Many of us think that academic education will get us through to our dream jobs and careers. However, employers look for a set of skills that would make you the ideal fit for the role. These skills are called soft skills or transferable skills

For example, good communication is a skill. Time management, attention to detail, delegation of work, leadership, presentation and interpersonal skills are also other important transferable skills that you can learn and take with you from one job to another. One very important thing to note here is that just academics teach you none of the above skills. Most of these skills are acquired by participating in activities other than academics.

Sports, cultural and other extra curricular like oration, dramatics, and performing arts teach you important skills that you keep with you all your life. Moreover, learning a skill, tests your endurance and perseverance levels and these are two important qualities to work in a team or work together to successfully achieve a common goal.

Proacademia.com enables you to identify and develop your skill, and you do it with the help of a professional aided by our tools on the online platform. Analyse your strengths and work on small tasks to give it shape and tenacity, you can be rest assured to carve a niche for yourself and make your dream career.

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Turn on your Talents, the search is on!

Talents come to those who search! Now this search can be one that is within or one that is outside. Why is it talent so important in this world today? ‘Talent’ is the most oft used word to describe a person with a certain capability. Children and young adults hear this word often and feel this distinguishes them from the others.  Talent is one such thing that creates individualism; this individualism is the identity of a person.

Most of the time we hear people use words like ‘god given’ ‘gift’ for individuals who portray specific talents or excel in what they do. Although easy phrases to praise their achievements, but there a big tale of how they have identified and nutured their talent, and fine-tuned it to reach levels of excellence. Today we live in a more liberal society as compared to one that existed a decade ago, a society where each one is racing against time to make their mark and earn a living. Our academic institutions look to create and nurture talent for corporate houses as their acquisition of resources is from this talent pool.

The system in academics is built around recognition and competitiveness and these forces constantly create environments that warrant young minds to race and excel in academics rather than search, find, prune and grow talent. The corporate world looks at these institutions as ‘talent pools’ but sadly find a huge disconnect between the requisite talent and skills and the actuals of these young graduates.  This mismatch creates a need and demand to create a ‘talent society’ to equip our young guns with the means to help them search and find talents they can build and share creating equality in professions.

At Proacademia.com we create an online support system that enables these young minds to search and find for their inner strengths with the help of a mentor. Proacademia.com facilitates meetings between academicians and professionals through ‘Edumeets’  to help understand perceptions in the education sector and the business sector, and work on matching the skills and the talents of the young minds to the needs of the industry or profession.  This facilitates a level playing field for talent nurturing that would result in a talent society or a society driven by talents.

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Training vitals for Trainers/Mentors

Training an individual can depend upon various factors that govern the individual, the organization, the learning aptitude of the individual, the subject or activity of training, and the viablity of the program itself. Looking at some key training methods or specific and pre-dominant techniques we have:

On-the-job Training: Companies that are small in size or do not have the time or money to invest in training or feel that the individual learns better by doing or performing the job opt for this type of training program. Nevertheless, it is an effective real-time learning experience for the individual although they may learn the job by making mistakes.

Lectures and Conferences:  Knowledge-sharing is another way of learning and experts in the different fields of study find this an effective way to learn and spread learnings.

Off –the- Job Training: Any training that takes place away from the actual place of work or that, which is not directly related to the job of the individual. Off- the- job training may focus on soft skills or generic skills often instructed by experts.

Demonstration: Industrial and technical trainings are taken in this form. This is this one of the most effective ways of training in the enginneering industry.

Role- plays: It is a popular form of training for personnel in Sales and customer service activities. They teach the individual the essential aspects of a dialogue along with negotiation skills.

Classroom Training: The conventional form of training still a very effective platform for concept explanations.

The mode of delivery of a training program determines the effectiveness or the success of the training program. It is essential to deliver a content-rich and high quality, training program on the right platform or select the most appropriate mode for its delivery to ensure that participants benefit and appreciate the content.  A good training design will also detail and determine the mode of delivery.

  • Web based training – In the era of the internet, web based learning and training programs have become a very convienient way of delivering training. Learners in remote geographical parts and learners who are of want of time can effectively participate and learn through the various tools that are available eg: chat sessions, video conferencing and online study material.
  • Self-paced training – These training modules enable the learners to learn or train in their own time and pace without an instructor or a guide. The courses so developed are predominantly study materials, which are self-explanatory along with in-built test formats. These are downloadable versions or CD ROM’s
  • Blended training – A blended training program is usually the right juxtaposition of an instructor-led training and that of a self-paced training.

Well, the basics intact create your own training modules and take your mentee or trainee through them with ease.

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