How should your Resume be?

How should your Resume be?
In a word – “SHORT” that’s how it should be!
To be precise – “A page long”

A HR will spend only 30 seconds to review your resume

Remember: your resume is not the only one that reaches the HR, there are so many! Present it the best, which impress, in one scroll

The Key Elements: Fonts & Margin

Did you know? That fonts ad margins play a major role?

  • Be respectful, clear and conciseFont Chosen Should Be Professional ( Example: Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri)
  • Size: 10-12
  • Use BOLD – to a meager degree and in a consistent manner
  • Margin: Half to one inch on all four sides
  • Alignment: Left
  • Format: word or pdf

Resume Header: – Should contain your basic contact information that includes your name, Mailing address, Phone number and Email id

Objective: – “Your Employment Goals” – Change it according to the application and job profile

Experience: –

  • Follow an order while listing the project details – use the same format
  • Eg: Name of the company, City & state, start & end date, job title, responsibilities

  • List the most recent job and arrange likewise

Education: –

  • Highest order to the lowest
  • Eg: PG, UG, 12th, 10th

Skills: –

  • Communicate your talents in this section, only those that are relevant to the position you are applying
  • Include soft skills

Awards: –

  • Special accomplishments
  • Honors from a potential employer
  • It is better, if you have 2 or more awards to give it a separate section in your resume

Activities: –

  • List those that you are comfortable answering
  • Political/religious/controversial activities are to be avoided
  • It is better, if you have 2 or more awards to give it a separate section in your resume

Work Status: –

  • Your eligibility to work in US
  • US citizen or green card holder or US work visa holder or seeking authorization

Present only the relevant information, and go through your resume every time before applying. This helps in tailoring your resume according to the application.

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