Raise Your Standards

Warren Buffet said: ‘If you like me, raise your hand; if not, raise your standard’.

You have to raise your standards to appreciate great people and great things in life.

You have been raising your standard from 1st standard to college.

But after college, on entering Life, do we stop raising our standards?

How do we raise our standards? By Empowering ourselves daily; if not daily, weekly; if not weekly, fortnightly.

Empowerment has to be through Knowledge, Skills and Attitude.

  • Improve your Knowledge continuously.
  • Improve your Skills.
  • Develop the right Attitude.

All the 3 are available as Open Data: in books, print media and electronic media. All these are available to those who see.

During my XII standard (then PUC), I did not know about IIT. After completing XII, when everybody was talking about taking coaching classes for IIT entrance exam, then I came to know about IIT. Too late.

Today, if you choose, you can be ahead of your times and peers. Remember Boris Becker was the Wimbledon Champion in Tennis at 17.

Know in advance: The knowledge to be acquired, how and where it can be acquired, the right skills to be developed and to cultivate the right attitude to a career and life from a Mentor.

Today, Mentors are available. You can choose your Mentor. You need not ask your parents, in case they are not in a position to give suitable guidance.

Generally, children born in families where parents have been successful, are brought up well with quality education, good etiquette and timely guidance, they stand a better chance of succeeding in life. That is, they are competent!

Today, there is Hope and Future for all – your parents may not have seen the world. It does not matter. A good mentor can make you successful in realising your ambition.

Mentoring is new to India. We have to believe in Mentoring. Knowledgeable and experienced persons are available to share their wisdom with the younger generation. It is for the younger generation to seize the opportunity for their improvement and success in life.


Posted by: Mr A.K.Jagannathan, Board of Advisor – Procademia.

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