Rendezvous with Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam

Inspired by Dr.Kalam’s vision of India 2020, we are a small team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs who set out to make a small path towards that vision. Although our initial worries on how to plan, design, mobilize funds and start the initiative was daunting, giving us sleepless nights, it was the vision kept our spirits going every day helping us
make small but sure steps, towards building this pathway!

Building the Pathway for India 2020!

Running from pillar to post, we chalked out various strategies thinking of novel ways that would make this pathway for young India. All of our thoughts culminated and synchronized to freeze one strategy and process that wouldgive us enough matter, material and enough of energy to muster up to that vision of this living legend Dr. Kalam. We decided to bring the concept of ‘Mentoring’ to India and power it with technology connecting students,academicians and industry professionals on an online platform! Our sleepless nights were now overcome with an overpowering energy to start working towards this goal of creating ‘the connect’, and we decided to see our mentor, who with just his vision and words charged us to arrive at this make this massive initiative.

Dr. Kalam, Extreme Close-up!

It was a pensive two hours of waiting on the 10th of August 2012, and the  scientist and ardent political figure was not an easy appointment to get.During the times of our visit to his residence for an appointment we saw small groups of youngsters who approached and spent time with Dr. Kalam, and he with great ease chatted away, listened, and spoke to them with so much of energy and enthusiasm nurturing their views and ideas. A gifted lot indeed! …we thought!

It is so strange and intriguing to see a man of his stature spend so much time with promising youngsters rather than diplomats or public officials discussing policies or giving speeches. Watching Dr.Kalam in such close quarters made us awe at the magnanimity of her persona. We could only look at him as a patriot who was truly concerned about
young India, and he worked ceaselessly every minute to give everything he can, to see them touch those pinnacles for India.

We would think an 80- year- old government official and statesmen retires to bed at 9 or even 10. But, Dr. Kalam agreed to meet us at 10.30pm that night. He was still in his Indian suit and was nowhere close to retiring for the day.In fact on that very day he had travelled almost half the length of the country for a meeting and here he was back meeting us and had a few other visitors who would well take his time beyond midnight. His spirits at this age after all his mighty feats shake the very core of our value systems and working styles!

Then came our much awaited time, although his walking towards us gave us goose-pimples we put on a brave face and he completely shook us with his warm smile and suave manners in greeting us. Mustering energy to beat his charismatic fever on us, we explained about our concept and strategy. Happy to see his face slowly lighting up with a smile as we kept explaining, we were re-assured of his acceptability and support for the idea.

Eagerly checking on a few facts, Dr. Kalam, was happy about the initiative and told us that he would be watching evolve and develop. He gave us his best wishes and blessings as he parted us. Well, …..words that truly made our day, our purpose! We reached euphoric spirits as posed for a photograph with this larger than life personality.

Dr.Kalam is truly a gift to India in every way

Posted by : –Co-Founders – Augustine Amalraj,  Mohan Thilak & Raju Packianathan

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