Identify your skill, it Carves your Identity.

A skill is basically your ability to do something well. Singing, dancing, painting drawing are all examples of skills. A skill means expertise in a particular activity. During the time of the industrial revolution or at the time of the World Wars, workers or employees in an industry were classified as unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled workers. As the work involved was ardous and physical, workers had to understand, learn and deliver the tasks given correctly within a specific time. Therefore, a skilled worker would be someone who was able to deliver the task within the time frame or even lesser.

As so much for the skill pedigree, a person can have many skills and may be excellent at a few, average at some and poor at a few. Our challenge lies in finding the ones that we excel in and fit ourselves into those roles or careers. Many of us think that academic education will get us through to our dream jobs and careers. However, employers look for a set of skills that would make you the ideal fit for the role. These skills are called soft skills or transferable skills

For example, good communication is a skill. Time management, attention to detail, delegation of work, leadership, presentation and interpersonal skills are also other important transferable skills that you can learn and take with you from one job to another. One very important thing to note here is that just academics teach you none of the above skills. Most of these skills are acquired by participating in activities other than academics.

Sports, cultural and other extra curricular like oration, dramatics, and performing arts teach you important skills that you keep with you all your life. Moreover, learning a skill, tests your endurance and perseverance levels and these are two important qualities to work in a team or work together to successfully achieve a common goal. enables you to identify and develop your skill, and you do it with the help of a professional aided by our tools on the online platform. Analyse your strengths and work on small tasks to give it shape and tenacity, you can be rest assured to carve a niche for yourself and make your dream career.

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