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For more than a decade, VASA InfoTech Services Private Limited has been involved in Educational Enterprise Software research and solutions development for the global market. It has become a fast-growing global brand with specialty in developing integrated end to end e- governance solutions for educational institutions. With its headquarters in Chennai, India, VASA have overseas operations in Malaysia, Africa (Ghana, Namibia, Nigeria and Sudan), Kuwait and the list is expanding rapidly in Asia, Middle East and Africa.

E-learning solutions, Multimedia courseware development, IT Infrastructure and security solutions are among our key expertise and specialization.

VASA has partnered with RailTel Corporation of India Ltd and Kerala State Electronics Development Corporation Limited.


People @ VASA

VASA boasts of a nice blend of energetic and qualified software engineers, business development executives and technocrats who is our engine of growth. Our marketing and management team are highly qualified with years of rich experience in the education space. We at VASA are a happy family of motivated and dedicated staff.

Research & Development

VASA Envisages

Our few years’ survey reveals that most of the Higher educational institutions have not fully adopted integrated ICT environment like other industries - Banking, Financial Services, Insurance, Airlines, Logistics, Manufacturing, Telecom and etc. This reluctance to change can be attributed to long years of familiarity with manual procedures of daily activities, processes, transactions and approvals. Education institutions have become comfortable with preparing administrative, academic and other reports manually by using spreadsheets, word processors, accounting software and other disintegrated applications and solutions. This usually results in time consuming information referral, verification and retrieval. Without a consolidated system, vital information is scattered in disintegrated and manual systems, affection timely and effective decision making. Slow Information sharing and dissemination between academic and non-academic staff, departments, students, parents, staff, top management, academic bodies is another drawback of the manual management system.

In this regard, private universities are leading the way in implementing integrated education management solutions coming to realize its benefits. Government institutions are lagging behind and may need to play the ‘catch-up’ in order to realize the benefits of this important education management system.

We are pleased to introduce ourselves as VASA IT Services Pvt. Ltd. as an Educational Software research & Enterprise product development company with a dedicated R&D center based in Chennai, India and Business Operations offices in Malaysia, Ghana and Sri Lanka. Our operations also span across Asian, African and US continents through our associates and partners.

INNOVATION… the change that creates a new dimension of performance!

VASA vision is to utilize the power of IT for the field of Education. Our focus is to bring efficiency in managing the operations, bring transparency in Education system and allow optimal utilization of resources to run an institution.

We are proud to introduce our Educational e-Governance solutions to extend our services to help the Government of India Higher Education and School Departments under Ministry of Education to effectively manage our Universities, colleges and School Education System,provide quality Education and Career Guidance to young students to help shape their future.Our products and solutions offer a wide variety of services and functions to enable each of the department with information availability to ease their operations.

Having a mission; VASA has devoted over 7 years into researching various type of educational institutions to come up with a generic solution to cater to the needs of any type of Educational Institution. We have conceptualized our solution ‘Global Educational Management System’ (GEMS) and ‘WebSchool’ based on our following offerings:

What Is GEMS?

VASA’s Global Educational Management System (GEMS) is an integrated Higher Educational Enterprise Resource System. GEMS can be deployed at national or ministerial level to provide unified educational information system. It can be linked to Universities, Colleges and institutions to provide online dashboard of useful statistics for the country prosperity, information needed for planning, budgeting, scheduling, staff performance appraisal and resources utilization. The system provides clear visibility to all stakeholders including Educational governing bodies, Ministries, other governing bodies, Planning Board, universities, Academic departments, Colleges, Institutions, Teaching staff, Non-Teaching staff, Administrative Staff, Management Staff, Committee members, student, parents, staffs, suppliers, Agencies, Public and etc.

The integrated management components in GEMS provide transparency, productivity and visibility into operations, procedures, rules and regulations in the education institutions. Other benefits of the system are instant access to real-time information, secured management of vital information, around the clock access to information for planning, decision-making, unified guidelines and methodologies.

GEMS assists in eliminating operational challenges like duplication of procedures, long funding,approval processes and illegal practices that has long been the bane of education systems.


WebSchool is an innovative state-of-the-art education management solution for schools regardless of size. WebSchool can be deployed at national, regional, municipal, or district levels to ensure access to up-to-date and unified information for stakeholders. It enhances academic and managerial process while optimizing strategic, quality, performance and information management. The modules in WebSchool are designed to improve on the quality of school management and maximize efficiency and productivity.

WebSchool’s multi language and mobile support, unlimited user license and open standard platform is an ideal value proposition for group/mission education units and individual schools. WebSchool provides online dashboard of useful statistics at all levels for planning, budgeting, scheduling, staff performance appraisal and resources utilization. The system provides clear visibility to all stakeholders including, management and planning boards, teaching and non-teaching staff, administrative staff, student, parents, suppliers etc.

The integrated modules in WebSchool provide transparency, productivity and visibility into operations and procedures in all the school and related education institutions under Ministry of Education. Other benefits of WebSchool are instant access to real-time information, secured management of vital information, around the clock access to information for planning, decision-making, unified guidelines and methodologies for teaching and learning.

Competitive advantages of VASA educational products and solutions.

With a unified ICT system in place, information exchange can reduce the overall operational efforts, save resources that can be utilized for better research and education. On the other hand the linked resources and information exchange can enable students and institutions in collaborating to achieve the best out of current infrastructure.

The success of such a system can be seen with India becoming a hub of Education avenues attracting more number of Students and shape more careers.

With such a unified approach to standardize Education initiatives, various stakeholders will be benefited by immense usage of this kind of system in following ways:

  Holistic approach, maximizing the potential, ensuring trusted information & assisting confident decision making

  Strategize, analyze, optimize, plan and execution of policies & initiatives

  Balance between risks and opportunity

  Provide quality learning, teaching and working environment.

  Bringing Transparency: visibility of all the processes, functionalities & transactions

  Enhance IT literacy & Enable ICT environment among the community

   Sharing of knowledge & information resources

  Increase productivity with the same resources and saving of greater amount of time,reductions in overall operational cost while improvement in Quality of Education

  Institutions’ disciplinary action procedures and policies

  Complaints and Grievance redressal for Students, Staff, Parents, Public etc.

  Student, Staff and Parent Rights & Responsibilities

We are overwhelmed to propose a centralized ICT system to assist each of the stakeholder viz., Ministry of Education, various departments under it, apex bodies, research centers, University, Colleges, etc. to have a seem less information flow and connectivity. This can be achieved by implementing our Education framework products. All Schools, University, affiliated Colleges, Research Centers, Distance Learning Centers and associated departments will become beneficiaries of information exchange for ease in day-to-day activities and Student’s will be given a never before learning experience for shaping their Career.

We, therefore, seek your interest in our software solutions and request you to give your valuable time and attention to make use of best possible technology to prepare Higher Education in India transform to become a global education hub of future.

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