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About Us

About Us

Kovai Limited, based in London, United Kingdom was formed in August 2009 with the purpose of providing BizTalk consultancy to clients in and around London.BizTalk360 is part of Kovai Limited.

We maintain a laser-like focus on solving a single problem, and solving it really well. That’s why we chose to build BizTalk360, solving the problem every single enterprise face in the BizTalk administration, day-to-day operation and support area.
The main public face of BizTalk360 is Saravana Kumar, a Microsoft BizTalk Server MVP since 2007, a well known person in the BizTalk community known for his blog,, and public speaking.

We would like to be as honest as possible. We are very small bunch of people, trying to address a common problem in an enterprise space. Being small and resolving an enterprise problem doesn't go well most of the time. But that's what we are. Being small gives us great flexibility and agility. We can respond to customer feedback much quicker, we don't have any red tapes, lengthy meetings, whole lots of approval process. We want to grow slow and steady. We feel we are right size at the moment, to tackle the problem what we are trying to solve.

We believe enterprise software doesn't need to cost a fortune and not always requires a big team. We got customers spread across 7 countries, who has trusted us. Customer support is top of our list, we do whatever it takes to tackle them.

We are extremely lucky to be associated with some outstanding professionals who guide us along the way in our journey. Being an MVP put us in touch with some of the smartest people on the planet in this area.

Kovai Ltd is a privately owned company with no external venture capital funding.

For more product updates and articles on BizTalk visit our blog

Registered Address

119 Spur Road
Orpington, Kent
United Kingdom

Offical Address

Level 12, The Broadgate Tower
20 Primrose Street
London, EC2A 2EW
United Kingdom

India Address

Kovai Limited (India),
Jain Housing,
Sri Arthanari Towers,
3rd Floor, 114, Race Course,
Coimbatore 641018

Contact Us
Telephone / Fax (US):+1 (855) 867-8251 (Toll Free), Telephone (UK) : +44 (1689) 666 575

Kovai Limited (India)
Jain Housing
Sri Arthanari Towers
3rd Floor
114 Race Course