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About Us

About Us


People are our strength. Nurturing relationships with a personal touch, Hiring Partner treats each and everyone with respect and care. All interactions are one to one, conducted with utmost professionalism, honesty and integrity. Any wonder, that this business derives its maximum strength from referrals? At Hiring Partner everything is personnel.

Vision & Mission

To be a strategic partner to empower and drive business success by developing and delivering insightful human resource competencies that include recruitment, employer-candidate connect , training, HR solutions and regulatory compliance.

Corporate Attitude
  • Conduct business with the highest level of integrity, transparency, strong work ethics, clear focus and productive interactions.
  • Use knowledge acquired as insight and deliver the highest human capital productivity and drive value on time and within specified budgets.
  • Be flexible, pro-active and responsive in every activity and provide independent advice to the best of interests.
  • Strive for constant improvement, always searching for new and better ways to serve and grow the business helping you position it for today and empowered for tomorrow.
  • Embrace the diversity of all candidates, clients and associates as every person counts.
  • Undertake risks prudently and be accountable in everything.
  • Assure superior service, continuous innovation and a definite commitment to quality.
  • Adopt good business practices in all relationships- employees, customers, competitors and suppliers.
  • Support and give back to the community.
People Policy

As advocates of human worth, Hiring Partner believes in creating an environment built on respect and shared dialogs. Every relationship - with candidates , clients , vendors and stakeholders –is established on mutual respect and cooperation that supports innovation, empowerment and enthusiasm.


Everything at Hiring Partner starts with a mental blueprint of the requirement- of the employer's and the candidate's. No one is big or small for Hiring Partner. Every member acts at a personal level to identify and understand both the candidate and the employer- their values, goals and objectives to establish a mutual connect and a long-term, mutually profitable relationship.

Quality Assurance

Hiring Partner works within a well- defined quality paradigm that delivers cost-effectiveness and overall performance efficiencies. The satisfaction of candidates/ and employers is the highest value delivered and ensured at every step of the way. When you work with Hiring Partner, you can be assured that all information is handled in absolute confidentiality and the information shared is accurate, consistent and constantly reviewed. The business processes are also continuously upgraded to improve efficiencies and are always passed on to the client. This quality adherence also ensures that the candidates get to access only exceptional services at all levels.

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