Mentoring and Indian mythology

The mentoring concept is as old as human race; every student has a teacher or guru to we can see many instances in our mythology where a mentor helps his/ her mentee realizes and attain their full potential.

Every student has a teacher / guru like Arjun has Dronacharya but the teacher also tutors other students similar to what Dronacharya did for the Kauravas and the Pandava.

In Mahabharat, we have read that Sri Krishna became Arjun’s mentor; he guided, advised Arjun at every step enabling him to go in the right direction and win the war. Whereas Dronacharya, who was Arjun’s guru taught him all the skills and lessons which he also taught his other students. This mentoring relationship teaches us a few things i.e.:  Krishna as a mentor not only advised Arjun but also provided him guidance in each and every step. Whenever Arujn was doubtful whether he was doing the right thing or not, Krishna clarified his doubts.

For e.g.: When Arjun casts his weapons down and tells Krishna that he will not fight. Krishna then mentors Arjun and explains him his duties and leads him towards success.

The Mentors duty is also to protect his / her mentee from any imminent danger by giving him proper advice and nurturing his mentee’s growth. For E.g.:  Arjun had taken a vow to kill Jayadrath before sunset, failing which he would kill himself by jumping in a pyre. The Kauravas smartly hid Jayadrath from Arjun, so that Arjun kills himself. However Krishna, as a mentor took it up to him to protect his mentee by creating an artificial eclipse by using his Sudarshana Chakra to hide the sun, forcing Kauravas to believe the day was over and Arjuna’s death was imminent. Then Jayadrath reappeared in joy, even as the sun emerged from the eclipse. Arjun killed Jayadrath.

Hence, it is even more important for a mentee to find a mentor who can guide and lead you towards success amidst present complexities of life and career.

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