Employability – Bridge the Gap

Its graduation day, excitement fills up and mounts high in every single student out there getting their degree, a passport to begin a career, to have a job or to pursue what they, including their parents have been dreaming all along. The song “Papa kehte hain bada naam karega, beta hamara aisa kaam karega….“, still lingers in our ears, 25 years after the movie came into theatres. Many Indian movies have portrayed the difficulties faced by students to find themselves a suitable job. It is, but every student’s dream to make it big in life. But many questions surface when a student has finished his/her degree and is out there in the big wild world looking out for a job. What opportunities have I? Am I equipped enough? What are the requirements and will I meet them? And so on.

In this context, employability is about work and the ability to be employed. It is the ability to gain initial employment, maintain employment, make ‘transitions’ between jobs and roles within the same organization to meet new job requirements, and the ability to obtain new employment. Employability is nothing but right person in the right job!

People may find jobs, but it may be below their level of skill, or low paid, undesirable or unsustainable.

What decides how employable a candidate is? In most cases a student is not aware of the market requirements, not unless and until it is time for that first interview. The requirements can be fundamental skills, technical skills, communication skills, life skills and social skills. Sorry, is the state of affairs, as our education system is more inclined to bookish knowledge. In developed nations, mentoring is the key contributor to social and economic developments. Ironically, in our country, the system of Gurukul was prevalent in ancient period, wherein a student’s childhood is spent with the Guru or the teacher, who trains the students in all arenas, from the sastras to martial arts and all spheres of life helping them to lead a holistic life.

On the industry side, there is a dearth for skilled professionals, which ultimately reflects on the national development. The current Indian education system, fails to address this mismatch. The lack of interaction between students and the industry professionals should be looked into, so as to meet both needs. A student should be made to understand the needs of the market, in order to make one employable, eventually meeting industry needs for skilled professionals.

Procademia, is that one stop shop, where minds meet, knowledge seekers can meet knowledge givers, paving way for knowledge sharing. It is an effective online platform that connects the students/fresher communities with industry professionals with an intention to create employment opportunities. It also connects the industry professional with academia through various interactive sessions such as guest lectures, seminars, workshops, training programs, visiting faculties etc. The intelligence, experience and expertise of a professional or an academician who plays the role of mentor is thus best utilized and the nation’s economic development can be boosted with productive skilled professionals.

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