Procademia, India’s 1st Online Platform is an Eco-System where each stakeholder is important in the value chain. The student community is the focal point in our platform, and they form the very base of the Ecosystem.

Our Eco-System aims to balance talent and employability gaps in the near future. By collaborating with Corporates, Industry Professionals, Academicians and Academia, Procademia creates positive far-reaching ripple effects in the society and guarantees quality in the workforce that enters employment every year.

As you can see in the image below, a Student nurtured by a Mentor, becomes a Fresher, a Junior Professional and then a Mentor when he turns into a Senior Professional. This transition phase from a Mentee to a Mentor is powered and facilitated by Procademia, the Eco-System. It is a value chain that turns receivers into contributors to keep the cycle working with its optimal power.

Procademia- an Eco-System