What is procademia?

Procademia is a dynamic online mentoring platform. Students can get special guidance thru mentoring from their alumni or industry professionals. The primary objective is to bridge the gap between academia and industry, by equipping students skills wise and keep them industry ready.

Procademia aims to lead a different dimension to the generic social networking, by presenting an online platform to bring together student / fresher communities who are in need of a professional or academician to guide them systematically, to supplement their career growth.

Procademia endeavors, to scale employability rates and assist the needs to create the ability and skill set professionally, to the students, enrolled, Procademia invites professionals and academicians to achieve empowerment in India through mentoring.

What is connections?

Procademia facilitates you to connect and interact with any person who are a part it. You can search for any specific keywords like alumni, skills, required mentoring area, industry, functional area, college and locations.

Once you feel that the profile of the fresher/professional.academician is the right choice, you can click "Add Connection" to add the person to your contacts. Once they accept the request they will automatically added to your connection. Using chat features, you can interact with them and widen the network.

This helps you to strengthen your alumni and connect to various enthusiasts in your related fields. It gives a stage to interact with them and gain career guidance. Share thoughts and innovative ideas to the like-minded, which would help in assistance with respect to establishing the same to a great level. Debate on industry topics and gain knowledge from others.

In addition to the above, Procademia, also has a precise feature that would list the suggested persons based on the commonality, be it college or industry. Students can make use of it, to strengthen their network adding them. The purpose of this connection is to enable the students to interact with professionals/academicians, whom they can also choose as their mentor.

Jobs, Internships, Events, Competitions, Symposiums and more...

Students can search relevant fresher’s job in Procademia and apply for the same. An expert team works to enlist hand-picked jobs, for the students and fresher’s make use of. Procademia lists relevant jobs that you can apply from our privileged partners. You can directly apply to the jobs via Procademia. Many students have got benefited, join us and get the maximum use of it.

Common events and competitions are conducted at various colleges to test their caliber.

Symposiums are organised by college with technical events to test the student’s intellect. Internships are opportunities provided by employers, where students can work at their company for a limited period mutually benefiting for betterment.

Usually, students miss the opportunity, due to lack of information, this gap is bridged by Procademia, where details are given in detail with particulars. Students can also filter and apply for these internships and fresher jobs applicable based on the requirements.

A dedicated team from Procademia, strives hard to collect information across the Globe, for you to get maximum exposure before entering the industry.

Areas of Mentoring?

The areas of mentoring includes personality development, career development and interpersonal skills.

Personality development is the overall behaviour and attitude change in a person to behave in a presentable manner.

Career development is the professional guidance to grow better in their chosen career path with respect to skillset.

Interpersonal skills is the communication, problem solving, and ease of working with others in a team with effective management.


  1. Career guidance
  2. Clarity in career route
  3. Better employable skill enhancement
  4. Expert advice to choose from the different career path, according to one’s skillset
  5. Receive feedback to improve skills
  6. Learn new skills, from an expert with one-on-one guidance
  7. A network to post questions
  8. Employability rate is increased with influential employers in the network
  9. Confidence to perform in an interview with HR experts training
  10. Get information about events and help in preparing for the same

Success Stories

Be a part of procademia and share your success story soon, See the difference each mentee has gone through with Procademia’s assistance. Procademia brings positive changes in the society with mentoring process. Join as a mentee and turn a mentor pretty soon! Given below are the success stories shared by those who joined procademia and made use of the opportunity to make them better in career aspects.

Student/freshers benefits

  1. One-on-one mentoring by professionals, industry experts and your alumni.
  2. Strengthen essential skills via the network encompassing professionals, alumni and academicians.
  3. Apply for Jobs, Internships & Projects.
  4. Chat feature to communicate with mentors.
  5. Accelerate career with the information about various guest lectures, conferences, workshops and symposia.
  6. Grab the advantages like Testimonials recommendations and endorsements given by your Mentors.
  7. Upgrade and stand out of the crowd, our resume framing experts assists to build excellent resumes to noticed by recruiters.
  8. Master the interview cracking techniques with sessions by HR experts.
  9. Thrive with the Diverse array of materials in knowledge library to acquire information on any topic.
  10. Procademia Eco-system is an interconnected system built with major stakeholders. Students are the roots of the Eco-System, where they breed to turn a mentor.
  11. Access the blogs for interesting posts and engage with forums to involve in a brief debate on Industry related topics.

Knowledge Library, How one can utilize

It is hard to source and find relevant article related to your industry these days, Procademia brings together the farther ends and reduces the tiring process of article search with knowledge library.

Knowledge library has boundless industry related articles uploaded by those in the network, in general, professionals, and academicians, to aid the students with the knowledge necessary to educate skills wise. A student can make use of these articles, to get enlightened about anything related to career. Students can narrow the quest by using the drop down menu; that has generic article categories or use the keyword to search.

Learners, on the other hand, can also contribute to the knowledge library, by uploading files that are related to career or industry. Get benefited with the documents and benefit others mutually.

It reduces the library visits and time spent in the internet to get information.

There is a unique option to like or dislike the article, which would help fellow students from choosing the file to learn.

It has another feature, to see the documents uploaded by you.

Become a Student Ambassador

Student Ambassadors are volunteers dedicated to the assertive promotion of procademia. Apart from regular schedules, they can join the Procademia team and help them in their employability. The student Ambassadors can participate in campus events and generic promotional activities.

Students, who are registered with Procademia, can apply for this role.

The responsibilities include, networking and helping new members who join Procademia explaining the portal features and the experience of the other students. As a Procademia Student Ambassador, students are delighted to meet other renowned personalities from Corporates and academia. This also gives a vital chance to develop their communication skills, Public relations and interpersonal skills.

You can be a part of managing the Alumni of your college, be the point of contact to connect the college and Procademia. Organise special events at their campus.

What is mentoring?

The primary objective is to bridge the gap between academia and industry, by equipping students skills wise and keep them industry ready.

Mentoring is to assist and inspire people to accomplish their education being in sync with personnel's established. It helps them to employ their potential, refine their skills, enhance their performance and see themselves in a better state in the near future. Mentoring helps in bridging the gap between academia and industry.

Mentoring is an influential individual development and empowerment process. It is an effective to progress to their education, career and status. It unites two people, namely mentor and mentee, where one is established in one domain, and the other understands the tactics to expertise in the same domain with continuous learning from the other, respectively.

Mentor - Mentor is the pilot in the process, who is a well-renowned industry professional or academician, capable of imparting knowledge to others who are in need of, They strive hard in fulfilling their personal satisfaction, which is termed as Individual Social Responsibility with keen interest in empowerment.

Mentee - A mentee is usually the student/fresher who looks out for a person who can lead for betterment in career and a trusted person to share the skillset to get guidance to polish the same.