Corem Sales Consulting Private Limited Partners with Procademia on Next Generation Sales Skills


The new business environment is reinventing & evolving the rules for organization & individual's success, creating new challenges and opportunities for everyone involved in interfacing with the market. If the sales professionals have to succeed & survive in this era, they should be committed to continuously learn new knowledge, acquire the latest skills, have right mind-set and attitudes, and apply these competencies effectively. Corem Sales Consulting Private Limited has partnered with Procademia to nurture the budding young and energetic sales talents out of Engineering Colleges and " B" Schools in these areas and provide training on Next Generation Sales Skills.

Mr.Rajneesh Jain, Founder Corem Sales Consulting Private Limited acclaims that "Powerful Communication & Language forms a critical part to achieve success. The best sales professionals in the world are masters of this "Language of Mind" and that's what Corem intends to offer.