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GEMS (Global Educational Management System)

VASA's Global Educational Management System (GEMS), is an integrated Higher Educational Enterprise Resource System. GEMS can be deployed at national or ministerial level to provide unified educational information system. It can be linked to Universities, Colleges and institutions to provide online dashboard of useful statistics for the country prosperity, information needed for planning, budgeting, scheduling, staff performance appraisal and resources utilization. The system provides clear visibility to all stakeholders including Educational governing bodies, Ministries, other governing bodies, Planning Board, universities, Academic departments, Colleges, Institutions, Teaching staff, Non-Teaching staff, Administrative Staff, Management Staff, Committee members, student, parents, staffs, suppliers, Agencies, Public and etc

Webschool (Reach your Campus through technology)

Web School is a web-based education management application that dynamically integrates traditional student management tasks into one simple to use web solution. Remotely accessed through a standard web browser, Web School can be deployed on a school's Intranet or the Internet. With the click of a mouse, authorized users have immediate access to informative data including: student details, attendance, academic records, course nformation, Students/Teachers performance...

VasaKnow-Edge (Online Learning Management System)

A powerful application engine supports the online learning or e-learning in an organization or university. The system fully supports the learning environment by enabling course registration, performance of the learner and tracking the progress of a Learner using prescribed learning path.

Each course includes assessments, tutorials and tests with minimum impact on system and network resources. Our LMS is developed as per the latest International Standards (SCORM 2004 edition).

VASAD-lib (Digital Library)

VASA digital Library is powerful library engine developed to work on independent of platform. It stores huge amount of data's without compromising on performance such as speed, reliability, scalability and Interoperability.

VASA Digital Library is a Multilingual and hence the User community can get the maximum benefit. And more importantly the VASA Digital Library has the collaborative feature which helps the Institution/ Corporate to collaborate their existing resources to share with other Enterprises.

VASA E-Docs (Electronic Document Management Systems)

VASA E-Docs Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) represent the convergence of information technologies with document processing, including document storage, sharing documents, archiving and retrieving them.

EDMS systems allow documents to be managed electronically more efficiently than they were as paper documents. They also allow for the attachment and management of electronic forms data and other electronic objects associated with business transactions such as audio...

VASA - EMS (Enterprise Messaging Systems)

EMS is an integrated web based portal allows the company to communicate with their employrs, partners, suppliers, customers management quickly through SMS and E-mail (Group SMS / E-mailing) facility available with the portal.

The system encourages the company to manage their employee, partner, supplier, management profile effectively. The system has effective tracking mechanism of the communications made to the target group(s).


Software Development & Consulting

Developing software can be a complex and challenging experience. Custom software can have a significant positive impact on business. In order to realize this gain, the software development process has to be approached in a disciplined and organized way. Failure to use a disciplined approach to software development can result in total project failure, along with the loss of any investment in the project. As professional developers of custom software, VASA is committed to making every project, backed by custom software, succeed.

VASA build and implements custom software application solutions covering the entire application development lifecycle from the initial requirement study through design, construction and deployment. These applications are built to address specific requirements of the clients in various technology and business domain areas with a rich experience of providing cost effective and quality services and solutions.

E-Learning Solutions

e-Learning is a virtual act or process by which you acquire knowledge, information or skills. It is the delivery of educational content through Internet, Intranet, CD ROM's etc.,

Global eLearning Market:

eLearning has emerged as the second most popular method for Organizational teaching / training in terms of hours spent and is rapidly increasing in Educational sectors

"The overall e-learning market at the global and regional levels is expected to grow at rates ranging between 40% and 56%. The US retains its dominance in the corporate eLearning market with a share of over 44%. Europe is the second largest market with a share of less than 15%".

ERP Product Development for Educational Institutions

Why Educational Institutions should adopt Web based ERP solutions?

  • Provide you the highest quality support to help you grow optimizing the management processes, Academic process & operations.
  • Bring transparency in the operation, process and decisions.
  • Provide you the 24/7 information, working and learning environment.
  • Supports to eliminate individual dependency.
  • No space for rework so it saves great amount of time.
  • Bring computer literacy to institution community.
Networking & Infrastructure Solutions

The World market changes rapidly. New technologies emerge daily and in these unpredictable circumstances, one thing remains constant - the challenges facing your employee-based IT team, tasked with servicing an increasingly complex global network and infrastructure. IT infrastructure is the backbone of a global enterprise, and the biggest challenge is to align IT with business goals.

The four key points of IT Infrastructure are – Availability, Reliability, Manageability and Scalability, the ARMS of the IT Infrastructure.At the same time, you're dealing with demands to cut costs and produce bottom-line savings through consolidation or divestitures. And you're expected to deliver 24x7 uptime to enable improved efficiency and productivity. 100 percent of IT managers and directors stated they can't meet all their service needs internally.

Opensource Product Customization

When it comes to rapid application development, working with open source software enables your project to be done cheaper, faster and better.

Sometimes there is no need to reinvent the wheel, but occasionally tweaks are required. We can work with any Open Source software from Drupal and Joomla to osCommerce and Wordpress.

Web Design & Development

As the Internet grew into a major player on the global economic , how does the Internet continue to play a major role in all the Industries like communications, media and news.

Web applications are business strategies and policies implemented on the Web through the use of User, Business and Data services. These tools are where the future lies. In this article, I'll take you through the essential phases in the life cycle of a Web application project, explain what options you have, and help you formulate a plan for successful Webapplication endeavors of your own. First, though, let's take a brief overview of Web applications.

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