Social Campaigns

Share your content across social networks in minutes.

Schedule and post to multiple Facebook and Twitter accounts – all in one interface.

First came email, then text messaging. Now, social media seems to be on everyone’s mind. You can’t afford to ignore this important trend, because your customers spend so much time in social networks that you might lose them if you don’t find a way to fit in.

But you probably don’t have the time or training to be a social media expert. That’s OK, because Leadscale has you covered. Our tools are all you need to thrive in the world of social media, and since they are completely integrated with Leadscale, we track and report on everything.

Marketing Automation

Leadscale Marketing Automation offers a dynamic range of post go-live marketing solutions:

  • Works to create a co-dynamic sales and marketing organization
  • Integrate and segment your CRM instance
  • Campaign development and execution
  • Creative asset development–email, landing page, microsite
  • Create relevant reports and dashboards
  • Contact list segmentation
  • Design lead nurture and lead scoring programs
  • Web development and consulting
  • Mobile apps, UX consulting
  • Testing strategies A/B, multi-varient
Email & Mobile

Power your marketing with unlimited automated email & text messaging .

In today's world, people use email and text messaging to connect and communicate because they are fast, efficient and trackable. We make it easy for your business to communicate the same way.

We offer unlimited, free email and text messaging, helping you communicate with your customer base automatically, drive more revenue and reduce no shows.

  • Remind people of appointments and receive confirmations using our 2-way text messaging solution.
  • Automate all email communications, including appointment reminders and confirmations, to allow your customers to communicate with you at the right time.
  • Reach the right customer with the right message at the right time using our amazing customized and segmented marketing campaign tool.
  • Know exactly which email campaigns generate the most visits with real-time results and analytics.
Cloud Powered CRM

LeadScale offers a portfolio of Cloud Management services to help enterprises maintain, enhance and monitor their cloud applications. We offer cloud applications such as Salesforce CRM and Google Apps, as well as custom applications.

LeadScale Cloud Management Offerings Description Benefits
Maintain Ongoing administration and support of your cloud applications Centralized, focused services at a predictable cost
Enhance On-demand sustained development services and optimization of your cloud applications to support business innovation On-demand, development resources to support evolving business requirements
Monitor Monitoring and upkeep of cross-cloud integrations Reliability, uptime and risk mitigation

LeadScale Cloud Management services provide a more flexible, predictable, lower-cost and results-oriented approach to maintaining and leveraging your cloud applications. We offer a unique and tailored approach to designing a cloud management package to meet your specific needs.

LeadScale Visitor Tracker

Convert the anonymous "clicks" to your company's site into actionable web sales leads

Powerful yet easy to use web analytics program. Completely web based, quick and easy installation with virtually no technical knowledge needed.

The tools starts working as soon as it’s installed into your web site. Collecting valuable information and converting it into simple, detailed and easy to understand statistics about your traffic.



Product Development

With the constant evolution of the technology landscape, companies must choose development vendors adept not only at solving today’s challenges but anticipating future needs. Factors such as frequent upgrades, mobile integration, multi-lingual support, regional regulations and cloud compatibility underscore the importance of broad expertise and a proven record of success. Leadscale brings more than a decade of product development experience and offers clients distinct value through its end-to-end product development lifecycle solutions.

Services Offerings

  • Product Re-engineering
  • Product Development
  • Product Management
  • Integration
  • Testing
  • Product Support
Database Marketing Services

What We Do – Insights, Targeting & Measurement

Our capabilities span three disciplines – Insights, Interactions and Measurement – that drive connected CRM. We deliver impactful marketing solutions such as segmentation, business intelligence (BI), customer value analysis, forecasting, and site analytics

Consulting Services

We can work with you to implement our solutions across you organization leveraging our expertise in business process, analytics, technology and data management.

We can work closely with your marketing team to identify new opportunities to embed key customer insights and strategies into your applications that radically improve performance.

Cloud Integration

Google Apps
Google innovation. Powerful solutions. Low cost.
The Google Apps product suite brings together essential services to help your business communicate and collaborate more effectively. The suite includes:

  • Gmail for Business
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Drive
  • Cloud Connect
  • Google Groups
  • Google Sites
  • Google Video
  • Google Message Security
Application Maintenance

Application maintenance often takes the largest share of an IT budget, leaving limited scope for new development. It also requires expert-level knowledge to identify production issues, frequently dividing the attention of key software engineers. Leadscale’s  Application Maintenance Service (AMS) helps you reduce maintenance costs while optimizing performance and quality of critical applications. AMS also frees up your expert resources to take on the proactive development initiatives that boost your top line.

Leadscale’s application maintenance process allows for effective capture, reporting and resolution of maintenance requests. Each of these activities are governed and monitored by an SLA framework.

Social App Development

Our Facebook apps don’t require knowledge of any special markup language, making them easy for marketers and ad agencies to edit. Deploy apps quickly to one or 1,000s of Facebook Pages across your organization.

  • Store or Showroom Locator
  • Quote Request Form
  • Discount Coupon
  • Product Catalogs
  • Social Commerce Applications
  • Social Contest Apps

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