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Cloud Based Security Event Monitoring and Authentication Services Launched via SecureIQ NightOwl™ and AuthentIQate™
Jun 15, 2010 to Nov 30, -0001

SecureIQ, Inc., a leading provider of multi-tenant event monitoring and authentication security solutions for cloud computing, announced today that Tata Communications, a leading provider of the new world of communications, has globally deployed both SecureIQ’s NightOwl™ and AuthentIQate™ platforms as part of its Managed Security Service (MSS) offerings for its Internet service provider (ISP), wholesale and enterprise customers.

Tata Communications’ Firewall and Intrusion Prevention Services (IPS) provide real-time security event analysis and notification of malicious network and application threats. The services globally monitor high volume traffic in real time and on a 24x7x365 basis. SecureIQ’s NightOwl™ enables TATA Communications to identify and provide proactive notification of actionable security events, helping improve Tata Communications’ customer’s visibility into the security of their networks and applications. Critical security events are identified and remediated in order to maintain network and application availability and integrity. In addition to protection against security threats, Tata Communications utilizes SecureIQ’s AuthentIQate™ platform for deploying cloud-based, multi-tenant strong authentication and authorization solutions via 2-factor one-time passwords (OTP) and multi-tenant Web-Access Management (WAM).

“Tata Communications’ implementation on SecureIQ enables fully integrated, globally available, cloud-based Security Event Monitoring and Strong Authentication services,” said Gray Williams, Managing Director, Global Security Services, TATA Communications. “We enable our customers to maintain real-time visibility of potential security threats and anomalies and provide audit-quality forensic awareness of their critical network systems and applications, all enabled in a highly scalable, globally distributed, cloud.”

NightOwl™ provides multi-tenant, real-time anomaly detection and reporting of application and network security events, enabling users to identify, interpret, remediate and report security threats. NightOwl™ users can quickly determine the root cause of anomalous events, which may be the result of violations in usage policies or security breaches.

“For global providers of information and communications technology services like Tata Communications, the security, visibility and availability of their customer networks and applications is the utmost concern,” said Patrick Gardner, SecureIQ founder, President and CTO. “NightOwl™ provides global security event visibility of multi-tenant cloud environments; SecureIQ’s AuthentIQate enables them to offer their ISP, wholesale and enterprise customers an integrated, scalable strong authentication and access management security service that provides strong identity and reporting within a globally distributed, multi-tenant cloud computing environment.”