Mentoring Workshop


India's 1st Online Mentoring Platform-Procademia's Offline Mentoring Workshops takes place in collaboration with our Partner Colleges in their campus and for their students. Leading Corporate Professionals, who have more than five years of work experience will participate as Mentors and share their expertise and knowledge to the students through mentoring. 

Procademia along with the Professionals(Mentors) will conduct the mentoring workshops for the students of their respective area of expertise/interest. Offline Mentoring Workshop (OMW) will establish a student-mentor (Professionals) interaction on the subject in focus and then enable them to carry it forward online using Procademia portal for comprehensive mentoring.

By participating in OMW, Professionals will help to focus youth on their future and on setting academic and career goals. Professionals as mentors will gain personal and professional satisfaction as well as get recognized among their peers for their social contribution.

The participants in the workshop will be Students from Procademia’s partner colleges, Corporate Professionals and Academicians along with Procademia team.

Benefits to the Professionals (As Mentors)

  • Gain personal and professional satisfaction in helping a youth.
  • Get recognition from your peers.
  • Improved interpersonal skills.
  • Promotes deeper understanding of young learners and societal problems.
  • Realize your individual social responsibility

Academicians who have more than five years of work experience can also participate in this mentoring workshop as mentors.

We invite professionals & academicians who have more than five years of experience to participate in our Mentoring Workshops as Mentors. Please send your details to

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