About Us

Who we are:

The passion to bring values-based change in society and the yen for being the agent of such a change laid the foundation for Quadruple Education Network Private Limited. Started with the idea of bridging the gap between industry and academia, Quadruple Education Network aims to increase the employability of students and freshers categorically.

It will empower Procademia, the platform that will help thousands of young Indians to get mentored and to not only find jobs but also satisfaction and happiness in work.

It will connect industries, growing companies and their workforce with a sea of talent. It seeks to bring a concrete change in India's education system by creating a knowledge society.



"To provide solutions contributing towards a Global Knowledge Society."



"Create a platform leveraged by technology to integrate and inspire the stakeholders of the knowledge-sharing eco-system."


Company History

Achievers who set out to conquer the world naturally face numerous obstacles. But they transform every impediment into a stepping stone for success. When four such go-getters, who were also close friends, teamed up, they found their strength increasing manifold. Thus, was born Quadruple.

Within four years, the startup has grown to a 75+ member organization. With a strong foothold in its maiden venture, Quadruple Business Services Private Limited has diversified and has a carved a niche for itself in the automation sector with Quadruple Automation Services Private Limited.

The company has now taken upon itself the challenging task of connecting all the stakeholders of the Indian education system through Quadruple Education Network Private Limited.

Quadruple's first venture was Quadruple Business Services Private Limited (Estd.2008-09). It was then followed by Quadruple Automation Services Private Limited (Estd.2011-12). Now, the company is all set to enter the education sector with Quadruple Education Network Private Limited.