What is procademia?

If you are a lecturer or teacher, who strive to give the best to your students, Procademia welcomes you to a new world of opportunities. From the day you join Procademia, you can stay up-to-date about current trends in the industry and take responsibility as a mentor to guide students, outside the college fence.

Procademia is a great platform for Academicians, to network and find industry experts, professionals and other academicians in the industry. you can invite them via Procademia which would enlighten the students. It acts as a great source to strengthen the college Alumni.

What is connections?

Procademia assists you to correlate and socialize with students, professionals and fellow academicians. Search using categories like alumni, skills, required mentoring area, industry, functional area, college and locations. Once you like the profile of the professional, you can click "Add Connection" to add the person as a point of contact. Once they accept the request, using chat features, you can interact and widen the network. This helps you to connect with various enthusiasts in your related fields. Invite them for Edumeet and use the platform to bring placement opportunities to your students.

Procademia, has a definite feature that would list the suggested persons based on the commonality, be it college or industry. Academicians can make use of it, to strengthen their network and Alumni.

How you can contribute to Knowledge Library?

As an academician, it takes an extra mile to preach students with more information than necessary. Don’t worry anymore for the resources, access Knowledge Library, one-stop digital library with umpteen articles related to industry.

Upload your articles based on education and get likes for the best ebook uploaded.

ISR (Individual Social Responsibility)

As an academician, teaching students would already list you under the ISR fulfilled category, how about leaping further from your college? Take an extra step to preach students other than your college.

Contribute more than your possibility and get recognized for your potential. Fulfill your ISR via Procademia, be a part of us to serve numerous students in the world who are in need of your help.

What is EduMeet? How academicians can associate?

Students might find it difficult to understand the industry expection and skill-sets required, as an academician, along with the current curriculum, if you initiate and arrange Edumeet programmes, it would help your students to gain more exposure.

Find the best professional who would suit your requirement and invite them for academic interaction,inviting Professionals as a guest speaker, allows the students to get more information which would help them to polish their skills. As an academician, you can take this initiative to brighten the student’s future. Fulfill your personal satisfaction and ISR through Procademia, the only online platform that encourages mentoring like never before, join us and get updates about the industry without any strain.

What are EduMeet ways? why as an academicians is it important to organize one?

There are four ways through which Edumeet is organised namely, Guest lectures, workshops, seminars, and common events.

Guest Lecture is a mean of supplementing the students with the latest updates of the current trend and the technicalities.Workshops provide an in-depth analysis of a topic of interest to the student community, sharing ideas with a presentation, ideally devote three or more days.A seminar is a meet organized with a set of students, accompanied by one or two presenters. It is an interactive session where the participants engage in discussions and debate, about the outlined topic. Events can be classified into educational, entertainment or sports, where specific kiosks that encourages talents.

As an academician, it is vital to organise the above, to enrich the student with exposure.

Academician benefits

  1. Invite professionals for guest lectures and other academic interaction requirements stay in touch with current student and alumni through this online platform.
  2. Establish connections with industry experts.
  3. Get inputs about current trends in your field.
  4. Bridge the industry-academia gap.
  5. Acquire endorsements through testimonials from the network.
  6. Placement opportunities through this network.
  7. Collaborate with industries for mutual benefits like Edumeet and job opportunities.
  8. Pool of resources, namely, knowledge library to get enough information about any topic.

What is mentoring?

Mentoring is to support and encourage people to achieve their career goal being in sync with the established. It helps them to employ their potential, refine their skills, enhance their performance and see themselves in a better state in the near future.

Mentoring is an influential individual development and empowerment process. It is an effective to progress to their education, career, and status. It unites two people, namely mentor and mentee, where one is established in one domain, and the other understands the tactics to expertise in the same domain with continuous learning from the other, respectively.

Mentor - Mentor is the pilot in the process, who is a well-renowned industry professional or academician, capable of imparting knowledge to the needy. They strive hard in fulfilling their Individual social responsibility with keen interest in empowerment.

Mentee - A mentee is usually the needy person who looks out for a person who can lead for betterment in career and a trusted person to share the skillset to get guidance to polish the same. Usually, a mentee is a student or a fresh graduate, looking for opportunities in the related industry.

Advantages of being a mentor as an Academician:

  1. Strengthen Alumni
  2. Help students, other than your own college students
  3. Stay up to date with current trends

Areas of mentoring?

The areas of mentoring includes personality development, career development and interpersonal skills.


  1. Career guidance
  2. Clarity in career route
  3. Better employable skill enhancement
  4. Expert advice to choose from the different career path, according to one’s skillset
  5. Receive feedback to improve skills
  6. Learn new skills, from an expert with one-on-one guidance
  7. A network to post questions
  8. Employability rate is increased with influential employers in the network
  9. Confidence to perform in an interview with HR experts training
  10. Get information about events and help in preparing for the same

Success Stories

Be a part of procademia and share your success story soon, See the difference each mentee has gone through with Procademia’s assistance. Procademia brings positive changes in the society with mentoring process. Join as a mentee and turn a mentor pretty soon! Given below are the success stories shared by those who joined procademia and made use of the opportunity to make them better in career aspects.

What is EduMeet Invite? How to invite Alumni, professionals and other academicians.

Edumeet invite can be sent through Procademia’s portal, where in, you can search for skills-sets, from the list of professionals, invite the person by filling a simple form online.

Once the expert accepts the invitation, you can arrange the remaining and organize a grand edumeet acquaint your students.

You can also participate in Edumeet’s hosted in other colleges.