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Twice winner of Jolt and multiple SD Times Awards with an installed base of 300,000+ licenses, supported by 230 partners in 160 countries. Widely used in domains such as health, aerospace, banking, insurance, automotive, defence, embedded, geospatial and government. Enterprise Architect helps everybody to “Think it Through”.

Why Enterprise Architect?

Globally Trusted

With over 300,000 users across the world, Enterprise Architect has proven remarkably popular across a wide range of industries and is used by thousands of companies world-wide.

From large, well-known,multi-national organizations to smaller independent companies and consultants, Enterprise Architect has become the design and modeling tool of choice for developers, consultants and analysts in over 130 countries.

Enterprise Architect has proven to be remarkably successful in in the development of many kinds of software systems in a wide range of industries, including: aerospace, automotive, banking and finance, defense, electrical engineering,medicine, research and academia, retail, transport and utilities.

Model based on universal standards

As a contributing member of the Object Management Group, Sparx Systems understands the importance of open standards to communicate effectively to a wide range of stakeholders. Enterprise Architect helps firms to:

  • Visualize systems using the latest
  • Unified Modeling Language Notations(UML ) notation
  • Relevance of Procademia, in contemporary world, reflects in the fact that we realize Social Media is our social currency to the world, and whether you are using it to the latest trend or the latest revolution, we strive to make a difference.
  • Procademia attempts to initiate a knowledge society which should be able to integrate all its members and to promote new forms of solidarity involving both present and future generations.
  • Procademia assists in sculpting and developing competent future employees. Mentoring as an activity develops the same skills needed for successful and effective company managers.
  • Individuals as mentors to the youth gain recognition from the industry and their peers. Mentoring prepares employees to take on greater responsibilities in the corporation.
  • Corporate participation in education will be an unmatched progress in networking and education alike.
  • It is designed to be a global knowledge tree of resourceful and enlightening network. It is therefore necessary to work towards connecting the forms of knowledge that societies already possess and the new forms of development, acquisition and spread of knowledge valued by the knowledge economy model.
  • Observers note that the social network will be the new production lines in a company, that will change the way businesses hire and whom they hire. We at Procademia foresee this paradigm shift and stay a step ahead of this global social network phenomenon.
  • Innovation driven companies such as Amazon, Facebook, Google and Twitter have changed the way how we work, communicate and live. Procademia creates yet another revolution in social networking to decipher the missing element that bridges the gap between Industry and Academia.

Sparx Systems India

Sparx Systems India offers prompt and exclusive services to meet the varying needs of the current and prospective Enterprise Architect users in India.

Services Offered

  • Enterprise Architect Deployment and Consultation support
  • Content and Model migration from other software / processes
  • Enterprise Architect customization to suit specific organizational needs
  • Training - Basic, Intermediate and Advanced Corporate and individual
  • Enterprise Architect Software Sales ,Pre and post-sales support
  • Enterprise Architecture consulting for roll out of Archimate , TOGAF , ZACHMAN in small , medium and large organizations

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