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SecureIQ Introduces OTP c200 Hard Token for Service Operators and Enterprises
Feb 16, 2011 to Nov 30, -0001

SecureIQ , a global leader in managed information security services and solutions, today announced that it has enhanced its AuthentiQate Unified Strong Authentication Platform with the addition of the OTP c200 hard token. The OTP c200 token complies with OATH standards for strong, universal authentication and provides cost-effective two-factor authentication for secure enterprise-wide information access. Despite its small size, it provides a wide range of features including an internal real-time clock, 60 and 30 second timers, and a large display for easy viewing.

Currently, AuthentiQate is one of the leading secure access solutions for enterprises and worldwide service providers such as Tata Communications. It is available as software or in an appliance format. With the addition of the OTP c200 token, AuthentiQate can be deployed in environments requiring a high level of security for remote clients using PCs, Macs, and mobile devices.

“The OTP c200 is a small key-chain hardware token authenticator that offers users real mobility and flexibility”, said Jim Zalnasky, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at SecureIQ. “By simply pressing the button, the OTP c200 generates and displays a secure one-time password every 60 seconds, ensuring proper identification and allowing only authenticated users authorized access to critical applications and sensitive data”.