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Teachers, Teachers, and Teachers

Hello, friends! Join me for a moment. There are teachers, there are teachers, and there are teachers. Are all these of the same calibre? Certainly not, you’ll say and I agree with you. You may have your own criteria to … Continue reading

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Procademia on the News!

After a few years of conceptualization exercises, concentrated teamwork in laying the foundation and building, and many man-hours of testing and pruning Procademia and its features, we finally felt that it was time for Procademia to make it to the … Continue reading

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Mentoring In India

India rooted in its deep tradition of Gurus and Ashrams has a society construed with high and ulterior values and respect for the Guru or the Teacher. It is very evident from the Old Indian saying from the Gita “Matha, … Continue reading

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Rendezvous with Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam

Inspired by Dr.Kalam’s vision of India 2020, we are a small team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs who set out to make a small path towards that vision. Although our initial worries on how to plan, design, mobilize funds and start the … Continue reading

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Submit Blogs Now!

Dear Members; We welcome blog articles from our registered members. Please send your profile link and the blog content to

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Employability – Bridge the Gap

Its graduation day, excitement fills up and mounts high in every single student out there getting their degree, a passport to begin a career, to have a job or to pursue what they, including their parents have been dreaming all … Continue reading

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Knowing the Knowledge Society?

While many of us know the meaning for both words ‘Knowledge’ & ‘Society’individually, it may also seem a little perplexing when the two are coined together to form a term.  Well, let us look at the words individually and guess … Continue reading

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Identify your skill, it Carves your Identity.

A skill is basically your ability to do something well. Singing, dancing, painting drawing are all examples of skills. A skill means expertise in a particular activity. During the time of the industrial revolution or at the time of the … Continue reading

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Turn on your Talents, the search is on!

Talents come to those who search! Now this search can be one that is within or one that is outside. Why is it talent so important in this world today? ‘Talent’ is the most oft used word to describe a … Continue reading

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Training vitals for Trainers/Mentors

Training an individual can depend upon various factors that govern the individual, the organization, the learning aptitude of the individual, the subject or activity of training, and the viablity of the program itself. Looking at some key training methods or … Continue reading

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